Top 5 Best Meat Grinders for Bones of 2022

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So, you are looking for the best meat grinder for bones! You came to the right place as we put together a top rated selection for you! You might need a meat grinder that grinds bones if you have a dog and you want them to have a very healthy diet. Such a bone grinder machine will help you offer them the best meals at home and save money on the long run.

There is no need to throw away bones anymore as you can just grind them and feed them to your beloved fury friend. Without further due, let’s look at the reviews of top 5 meat grinders for bones that you can consider investing in!

Our Top Picks

Best Meat Grinder for Bones of 2022

1. STX Turboforce II-STX-4000-TB2-PD-BL

The STX Turboforce ii model STX-4000-TB2-PD-BL is one of the heaviest duty electric meat and bone grinder you will find on the market. It comes with very efficient features and a design that is easy to manage.

The 2000 Watts engine of this STX Turboforce 2 will help you grind not just meat but also different bones. It has three speeds such as high, low and reverse that you can use according to the results you want to obtain.

If you want to use this STX International Turboforce ii hands free, you can attach it to the control pedal. This is optional though and you don’t have to use the pedal unless it is what you prefer. This unit uses a Quad Air Cooling technology which prolongs its overall lifespan.

As far as accessories go, the STX Turboforce meat grinder comes with all the attachments you might be interested in using. There are three blades of stainless steel, five plates and one beaner plate. You can use this meat grinder to stuff sausages as well since it comes with three different tubes.

To make this meat and bone grinding machine even more attractive, the manufacturer offers it in two colors: white and black. You can choose the one that will match your kitchen design best!


  • Electric meat grinder
  • Different blades
  • Five plates
  • Foot pedal control
  • Sausage stuffer option


  • Might create a bothering noise
  • Difficult to take apart for cleaning

2. Weston 575 Watt Electric Heavy Duty Grinder

The device you can use for grinding bones as well as meat comes from Weston. It is a heavy duty device but also has a very basic design.

This grinder is safe to use at home as you will not take any risks. However, it is important to check the instructions and use it accordingly. It comes with three different blades so you can grind your meat and bones just the way you want to.

Besides grinding bones, you can use this device to stuff sausages as well. It comes with the right tube for that even if you don’t get to choose between different sizes.

Cleaning this grinder will not be a problem either. All you have to do is take it apart and wash each piece individually with water and soap!


  • Easy to use
  • Very low maintenance
  • Great for bones and meat
  • Sausage stuffer
  • Safety measures


  • Not different sizes of tubes or plates
  • Smaller capacity than other grinders

3. Kitchener #8 Elite 1/2 HP 480 LBS Per/Hr 370 Watts

This 1/2 HP 480 LBS Per/Hr commercial grade stainless steel great meat grinder for bones that you can count on comes from Kitchener. You most likely heard about this brand as it is very popular thanks to the high-quality products they offer.

The engine of this Kitchener #8 is 370 Watts one and it is extremely silent compared to other similar devices. You will not bother anyone as you are preparing the next meal for your dog or for yourself. This heavy-duty grinder machine can work perfectly for grinding both meat and bones.

The meat pan has a larger capacity so you can grind more bones or meat at once and save time. You can grind about 480 pounds of meat in one hour with this Kitchener #8 electric meat grinder.

We love the high safety level that you have with this meat grinder. It comes with a circuit breaker and it is also waterproof. So you don’t have to worry about safety aspects at all while you are using it.

Along with this excellent meat grinder for chicken bones you also get cutting knife, different plates and stuffing accessories so you use it in various tasks. All these accessories will fit great in the removable drawer of this grinder for easy storage.


  • Perfect for grinding meat and bones
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance
  • Larger capacity
  • Waterproof and circuit breaker


  • Heavier than other grinders
  • Not as many accessories as other similar products

4. Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat Mincer Sausage Grinder

Sunmile SM-G50 is another top rated meat and bone grinder unit that will work miracles every time you need to grind any bones. It is also a middle range price product and a very high-quality one!

The rated power of this Sunmile Meat Grinder is 350 Watts and the locked power is 1000 Watts. This unit can grind up to 200 pounds of meat in one hour and a significant quantity of bones as well.

The large size of this SM-G50 Sunmile makes it useful even for commercial purposes. All the materials used such as aluminum, stainless steel and others are certified ETL and safe for your meat.

Furthermore, this Sunmile 1.3 HP meat and bone grinding machine comes with the attachments you need to start using it right away. It has one blade, three plates, a sausage stuffer and a food pusher. The design is very user friendly as it only has a one one and off button and a reverse switch. You can use the reverse switch in case the grinder gets clogged.


  • Easy to use
  • Sausage stuffer included
  • Large capacity
  • Electric meat and bones grinder
  • ETL certified materials


  • Not as silent as other grinders
  • Less blades available

5. SuperHandy Meat Grinder Sausage Stuffer

The SuperHandy is one of the best meat grinders that you can use for bones as well. Give your puppy a healthy meal every day by using this device!

This grinder will work for both residential use and commercial use so you can definitely count on it in various circumstances.

You can choose between five different colors so this grinder will go perfectly in any type of kitchen design. Plus, it is not just a fancy device as it comes with a 370 Watts engine to rely on.

The three speeds of this 1/2 HP grinder machine give you the freedom to use it for grinding meat or bones as you wish. Overall, you can grind about 240 pounds per hour and 4 pounds per minute.

This heavy duty grinder uses reliable materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and it is also very quiet. There is also a circuit breaker that will increase the safety of this device every time you use it.

The only downfall of this grinder is that you might struggle with it if you want to grind red meat bones. But it will work great for chicken and fish bones.


  • Grinds up to 240 pounds an hour
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Circuit breaker
  • Five different colors
  • Safe materials


  • Not ideal for red meat bones
  • Not waterproof

Normal Meat Grinders VS Bone Grinders

You might wonder what is the main difference between using your regular meat grinder or using a meat grinder that is bones friendly. There are two aspects that make a meat grinder for bones different than a regular meat grinder.

Sharper and stronger blades

Bone grinders have blades that are sharper than regular grinders. These blades will have to cut through the boners and grind them to the level you want being it fine, course or medium grinding. You should actually look for bone grinders that come with different cutting blades options. Such attachments will help you grind different bones at different levels with no hassle!

Bone grinders are more heavy duty

Even if you might get away with using a smaller size grinder for your bones, heavy duty ones will definitely make your life easier. Go for a bone grinder that has a size bigger than 12 as such a device can accommodate bigger bones. Heavy duty grinders like this come with more powerful engines as well. You want the extra power to be sure that your bone grinder handles your bone load easier and with no hassle. You can’t grind all types of bones on a regular meat grinder with a lower power and smaller size.


Can I use any meat grinder for grinding bones?

You might be able to use your regular meat grinder for grinding fish bones. These bones are fine and easier to grind. However, if you want to grind chicken or red meat bones, you should definitely invest in a bone grinder.

What kind of bones can I grind?

Each bone grinder comes with indications regarding the types of bones you can grind with it. Make sure to check these instructions in order to get the results you want. Heavy duty bone grinders will work great for all types of bones including red meat ones.

Are there are safety risks that come along with using a bones meat grinder?

As long as you use the bone grinder according to the instructions it comes with, you shouldn’t worry for any safety hazards. Look for devices with a circuit breaker and waterproof feature in order to increase your safety level.


Having a bone grinder in your kitchen can bring a lot of benefits to your life. These grinders are great for grinding meat as well so you can use them for both your meals and your pet meals. Choose the best bone grinder from our meat grinder for bones review and forget about any type of frustration as you want to grind different bone

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