10 Best Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinders of 2022

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Looking for the best meat grinder? You are in the right place! We gathered the top ten heavy duty meat grinders for 2022 that you can count on for making those delicious dishes in your kitchen!

You probably know by now that grinding your own meat is a lot healthier and safer than using meat already grinned. You will know exactly what type of meat you grind and how fine you need to grind it for your recipe to be a success. Without further due, let’s dive into the best rated grinders that you can invest in with no regrets!

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4 Things to Consider When Buying a Good Electric Meat Grinder

If you never purchased a meat grinder, you should keep an eye on several features before pulling your credit card out.

The quality of the engine

When it comes to different meat grinders, the engine can really set apart the good ones from the average ones. You want a powerful engine that will support all the grinding functions you need to complete.

If you are interested in a silent grinder, you should also use one with a cooper engine. The power of the engine will determine how much meat you can grind per hour. So, the higher the power of the motor, the more meat you will be able to grind or mince.


Meat grinders can be made of different metallic parts, stainless steel and even sturdy plastic. You should stay away from grinders that use mostly plastic. cooper, aluminum and stainless steel are the best materials to look for.

Regardless of what you choose, it is important to avoid a meat grinder that will rust in time. Stainless steel meat grinders tend to have a longer lifespan than any others.


Each manufacturer offers a certain amount of warranty for their products. The warranty you receive for your meat grinder can give you a clue of how reliable it actually is. Choosing a warranty for five years should be a good sign of the quality of your grinder. But you will find meat grinders with one-year warranty that will not disappoint you either.

Different accessories

How many accessories you get along with your grinder will determine how many options you have in preparing your meat. The best meat grinders come with several cut sizes, tubes for sausages and even burger tools. It will help if you know what you intend to do with the grinder.

If you want to use it for many different recipes, you should choose one with as many accessories as possible.

Different types of meat grinder

As you are searching for meat grinders, you will discover two different types on the market.

Manual meat grinders

A manual grinder will work for grinding small quantities of meat at once. You will control such a grinder by hand and it can grind about two pounds of meat per minute. With a manual meat grinder is important to stabilize this grinder on the table. They come with clamps that will make this task easy.

An advantage with this type of meat grinder is that you might be able to use it for cutting veggies as well. However, such options depend on the model of the grinder too.

Electric meat grinders

The electric meat grinders tend to be more popular as they are also easier to use and faster. They are generally great for grinding any type of meat but most of them will not work with veggies or fruits.

You can find these grinders with different attachments as well such as more plate sizes or tubes. You will not have to use them manually as they come with on and off buttons. The best electric grinders will also have a reverse button in case they get clogged.

Can I use the meat grinder for other types of food but meat?

Answer: It depends on the type of grinder you use. Some manual grinders work for grinding veggies like tomatoes as well as meat.

When it comes to electric meat grinders, these will work mostly with meat and no other products. It is important to check the instructions and the description of such a product in order to see if it will suit your needs.

Are there any safety hazards that come with using such a device?

Answer: As long as you use the meat grinder according to the instructions you shouldn’t have to worry about any safety hazards.

Some of these devices come with a circuit breaker so they are even safer than others. The only thing you need to pay attention to is overheating the grinder. If you notice that your meat grinder gets too hot, unplug it and allow it to cool down before you use it again.

Can I use a meat grinder for any type of meat?

Answer: Yes, these grinders will help you grind or mince beef, pork, turkey, chicken as well as organs. It is important to not allow bones to go in the grinder as they will damage the blades fast. Take the bones of the meat and cut it in small cubes before grinding it.

If you need to grind bones, you should look for the best meat grinder that grinds bones you can invest in. Bone grinders have stronger blades and are more heavy duty so you will not damage them as you grind different types of bones.

You will also need a sturdier meat grinder if you want to use it for venison meat. Venison is a tougher type of meat and your grinder needs special blades to grind or mince it the way you want.

Updated List of the Best Buy Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder

The following meat grinders come at impeccable quality. On top of that, they are very easy to use as well so even beginner chefs can make the best out of them!

1. The STX Turboforce II “Platinum Edition – STX-4000-TB2-PD-BL

We have to start our selection with this top-rated heavy duty electric meat grinder from the STX INTERNATIONAL Turboforce II “Platinum model. Once you start using this meat grinder machine, you will appreciate its features and quality.

Maybe the most important quality of this unit is its high power. Thanks to the 2000 W engine you can use this device at home as a professional. However, you can use this grinder with less Watts as well.

The quantity of meat you can grind with this STX INTERNATIONAL STX TF is up to 225 pounds in one hour. Of course, it will depend on the type of meat you want to grind as well as the plate you use.

You will be glad to discover that this STX INTERNATIONAL meat grinder comes with all the accessories you need. It has a grinding head size 12, a meat hopper, three blades as well as three plates and even three tubes to make sausages. As a bonus, the manufacturer added a burger tool as well as two shredder claws for the meat you prepare.

It is important to use this STX-4000-TB2-PD only for meat. You will not be able to obtain as good results if you grind veggies, fruits or other plants.


  • Comes with all accessories
  • Bonus burger tool
  • Easy to use
  • Aluminum material
  • Grinds up to 225 pounds of meat per hour


  • It will not work for grinding veggies or fruits
  • Might consume more power than other grinders

2. LEM Products 17791 Stainless Steel BIG BITE Quietest Meat Grinder

This LEM quiet meat grinder will impress you as well. It is a great tool for beginners but also for experts in terms of cooking meat.

The first thing you will like about this stainless steel meat grinder is how silent it is. You will not bother anyone in the house as you are using it!

Because this LEM #8 meat grinder uses the advanced BIG BITE grinder technology in the industry, it will grind the meat faster as well. Its speed is 30% and even 50% higher than other grinders on the market.

The design is relatively simplistic which helps you make the most out of this LEM BIG BITE meat grinder with no hassle. This LEM Products 17791 .5HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder comes with a tray that will help you load the meat that you want to grind as well.

The customer support for this best home meat grinder comes for lifetime but the warranty is only for five years. Chances are that you will not need to use the warranty very often thanks to the quality of this product.


  • Faster than other grinders
  • Different styles to choose from
  • It comes with a tray
  • Very silent
  • Five years’ warranty


  • It can rust
  • It comes with less accessories than other grinders

3. Panasonic MK-G20NR Heavy Duty Meat Grinder

This Panasonic MK-G20NR meat grinder is heavy duty and very reliable for all your needs. It will overcome your expectations as soon as you start using it to grind any type of meat.

Since all the parts of this grinder machine use metal, you can count on it for many years. It will not only last you a long time but help you grind large quantities of meat easily.

The engine protection comes from the circuit breaker which is part of this grinder. Thanks to this breaker you will not have to worry about any potential hazards as you use this product.

The engine of 180 Watts will help you grind up to 2.2 pounds of meat per minute. You have no reason to worry about overload risks thanks to the safe technology of this MK-G20NR Panasonic.

Both the plates and cutting blade are made of a sturdy stainless steel to avoid rusting, regardless of how often you use this product. If you need to grind your meat in different ways you also receive three attachments to use as you prefer.

Cleaning this panasonic electric meat grinder will not be a problem either. All the parts come off relatively easy and you can wash them individually as often as you need. You also receive one year of warranty for this product.


  • 180 Watts engine
  • Different attachments
  • Circuit breaker for extra safety
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for grinding all types of meat


  • Not as silent as other meat grinders
  • Only one-year warranty.

4. Aobosi MG420 – Best Affordable Heavy-Duty Electric Meat Grinder

Looking for a more budget-friendly stainless steel meat grinder without having to compromise in terms of quality. Aobosi MG420 offers you the ideal solution with this heavy duty model!

Thanks to the 2000 Watts peak power and 800 Watts rated power, this Stainless Steel Meat Mincer is perfect for fast grinding. With this Multi-Functional Meat Grinder you can grind about two pounds each minute.

It has a large capacity which allows you to grind more meat at once. The tray of this Aobosi MG420 is removable. All its parts are stainless steel so you will not have to worry about corrosion with this MG420 Aobosi.

Furthermore, this Aobosi electric meat grinder comes with different plate sizes so you can use it to grind any type of meat. It also includes tubes if you want to make delicious sausages.

The design of this machine is very easy to control as it only comes with one button to turn it on and off. Just like other best grinders, this one also comes with a circuit breaker for even more safety.


  • Fast grinding
  • Different sizes included
  • Tube accessories for sausages
  • Simple design
  • Stainless steel material
  • Perfect for home use


  • Might be more difficult to wash than other grinders
  • Difficult to assembly

5. Chefman Choice Cut Electric Meat Grinder

Another budget-friendly heavy duty meat grinder that will satisfy all your needs comes from Chefman. The design of this meat grinder is very simple yet extremely efficient at the same time.

This unit comes with a wide range of attachments. Thanks to all these accessories you can use it to grind any type of meat. It is ideal for making burgers, sausages, meatballs and others.

Thanks to the powerful 700 Watts motor you can grind up to 3.5 pounds of meat a minute. It has a reverse function in case the head of the grinder gets clogged. By using this function you will not have to take it apart every time you need to unclog it.

An interesting feature of this product is the suction cups set that stops it from being unstable. Once you place it on the table you will not have to worry about its sturdiness. Also, the dual switch for on and off function increases the safety of this product.

You can easily wash it in the dishwasher by taking the pieces apart. However, make sure you don’t use a temperature higher than 131 degrees F.


  • 700 Watts engine
  • Up to 3.5 grind meat per minute
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Different attachments
  • Suction cups set


  • Some parts of this grinder might still rust
  • You need to take it apart completely in order to clean it

6. Gourmia GMG525

The last but definitely not the least product you can consider investing it is this meat grinder from Gourmia. This grinder is not only very reliable but also fast so you can save time as you are using it.

When you use this meat grinder you can choose between course, fine or medium cuts. It comes with all the blades you need for these options. You can also use it to make sausages, burgers and meatballs as you want. It has a 500 Watts engine that allows you to use it in the most efficient way.

All the materials of this grinder are ETL certified and under the FDA standards. Most parts use stainless steel so rust will not be one of your concerns. To make this grinder even more useful, the manufacturer included a cooking book in the package.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Different accessories included
  • ETL certification
  • It will not rust
  • Easy to use


  • Might create an uncomfortable noise as you run it
  • Blades are not as sharp as you might expect

7. Kitchener 32 1.5 HP Meat Grinder

The Kitchener offers you this professional meat grinder that will be perfect for your kitchen. The stainless steel material of this meat grinding machine makes it both efficient and resistant.

The kitchener 32 meat grinder is also very silent as you are running it. Its engine uses 550 W which is not as high as other grinders but ideal for any residential use. You can grind up to 1080 lbs per hour once you get used to this machine.

Thanks to the safety technology of this 1.5 hp meat grinder you don’t have to worry about any hazards. The circuit breaker of this grinder will not let it become dangerous at any time. It is also a waterproof design for even more safety.

Inside the package you will find all the parts you need to start grinding the meat of your choice. The kitchener meat grinder comes with a cutting knife, coarse, fine, stuffing plates as well as four stuffing tubes. The plates and tubes come in different sizes to accommodate your needs better.


  • Very silent grinder
  • Comes with different plate sizes
  • Different tube sizes
  • Waterproof
  • Stainless steel material


  • Not ideal for commercial use
  • The feedpan is smaller than other models

8. ALTRA AZ-MG090 3-IN-1 Meat Mincer with Tray

This grinder from Altra and mincer is ideal for everyone who likes to cook meat in various ways. You can use it for all types of meat and it offers you different options as well.

The 450 Watts engine of this cooper uses all cooper which makes it also very silent. By using it you can grind or mince up to three pounds of meat each minute. So, making delicious meals every time you want will be faster and more efficient.

This Altra meat grinder comes with three different plate sizes, three different cuts as well as sausage tubes. This variety allows you to prepare your meat just the way you want for your recipes.

All the parts of this ALTRA AZ-MG090 are safe and will not alter the quality of your meat. It is also very resistance to heat as you use this grinder even for a prolonged time.

You will find this multi-functional grinder mchine very easy to use as well. It only has a on and off button and a reverse switch. If the head of the grinder gets clogged, you can simply use the reverse switch to unclog it.

However, you shouldn’t wash the parts of this grinder in the washing machine. They are easy to clean by hand with warm water.


  • 450 Watts engine
  • Made of safe materials
  • Resistant to heat
  • Easy to use
  • cooper engine material


  • Not safe to wash it in the washing machine
  • Not as silent as other devices

9. Sunmile SM-G73 Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer

This Sunmile SM-G73 offers you a high-quality grinder as well. And besides the fact that it is very efficient, you also get two colors to choose from: black and white.

With 1000 Watts locked power and 600 Watts rated power, you will not have to question the performance of this Sunmile meat grinder SM-G73. The maximum amount of meat you can grind in one hour is 185 pounds.

This SM-G73 Sunmile combines stainless steel with aluminum to be completely safe as you use it. These materials come with an ETL certificate and they will not affect the quality of your meat.

You receive different cutting blades, plates and tubes to grind your meat just the way you want. If you want to make sausages, this grinder will turn out to be very useful as well.

As far as the buttons go, you have an on and off button as well as a reverse and reset button. Using this grinder is easy even for beginners that have no experience in the matter.


  • Made of stainless steel and aluminum
  • Different plate sizes
  • Different sausage tubes
  • Three buttons to control
  • Grinds up to 185 pounds per hour


  • You need to clean it more often for best results
  • Might generate a bothering noise

10. AICOK MG2950R 5-IN-1 Meat Mincer with Sausage Stuffer

No products found.

AICOK offers you a great model of grinder for all types of home uses. With this device you can get as creative as you want when you prepare your meat.

The main material of this grinder is stainless steel that is also food grade type. So, you can count on the fact that it is safe for the quality of your meat. It is the type of material that FDA approves for such devices. This grinder will not rust and it is wear resistant so you can count on it for a long time.

The cooper engine of this grinder is a 1100 Watts one and has a speed of 225 RRM. With this grinder you can prepare around 550 pounds of meat in one hour. Thanks to the high-quality of this engine you will not have to worry about noise or rust.

In terms of options you can choose between coarse or fine grinding style. There are also two plate sizes to use with this product.

For a good maintenance, rinse all the parts with warm water and soap. It is easy to assembly and take the parts away in order to clean them.

Finally, the one button control makes this grinder very easy to use. You can use the reverse function if you need to unclog the head part in order to clean it faster.


  • 1100 Watts engine
  • cooper engine
  • Stainless steel case
  • 550 pounds of meat per hour
  • Silent device
  • Easy to clean


  • It doesn’t come with as many accessories as other grinders
  • No different colors to choose from


A high-quality meat grinder can be extremely efficient in your kitchen. By following this comprehensive guide, you can be sure that you will find just the grinder you need.

Check out our heavy duty electric meat grinder reviews and see which one will satisfy your expectations the most!

You should have an idea about the ways you will use your grinder before purchasing it so that you know what you are looking for in such a product. Once you have the best meat grinder, the sky is the limit in terms of what dishes you can make!

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