Best Chair Mat for Heavy Person Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Did you know that prolonged sitting on your office chair could cause unsightly markings on most floor surfaces including carpets? Yes, as you sit still and put most of your weight on the office chair, the impact on the floor is damaging. Dents, scratches and permanent damage could be visible over time, especially if the person sitting is heavyweight. So, how to protect the flooring? The best chair mat for heavy person seems to be the ideal solution to resolve this problem.

The primary function of a chair mat is to serve as a protective barrier on floors. A chair can also help maintain the cleanliness of the room. It can also be used for decoration, especially if you place a colorful chair mat on the hardwood floor.

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The 10 Best Buy 2021 Chair Mat for Heavy Person Reviews

If interested in purchasing a chair mat for heavy person, but don’t know where or how to get started, better read this ultimate guide for the top ten brands of chair mats.

1. Heavy Duty Hard Chair Mat By MuArts

When it comes to versatility, the Heavy Duty Hard Chair Mat would be on top of your list. Why? This hard chair mat can be used both for hardwood and carpeted flooring. Its thickest material component is extremely dependable and can work efficiently in most surfaces.

The chair mat is flame retardant PVC, a type of plastic derived from vinyl chloride, soft and flexible. So, expect the chair mat to remain in tough shape, won’t curl or crack along the edges.

Physical appearance is crystal clear. The chair mat won’t hide away the beauty of your hardwood flooring. It will serve only as a protective barrier against potential scratch, dents or scuffs that could arise while sitting on the office chair for long hours.

Is it easy to clean? Similar to other chair mats made from plastic or PVC material, the Heavy Duty Hard Chair mat has a straightforward cleaning procedure. You just need to soak a clean cloth in a mild cleaning solution and wipe away accumulated dirt, dust, stains including food and beverage spills.

Is it a wise investment? Yes, the product comes with a 1-year warranty from date of purchase and free lifetime technical support covering concerns that may arise afterwards.


  • Crystal clear appearance
  • Best use on hard floors
  • 1-year warranty, plus lifetime technical support
  • Weight capacity is up to 1200 pounds


  • Quite not suitable on any carpeted floors

2. Clearly Innovative Glass Chair Mat

The Clearly Innovative Glass Chair Mat would suit any home or office environment. The tempered glass appearance can go along with any existing furniture and décor. It’s suitable for carpet and hardwood flooring (wood, tiles and vinyl). The tempered glass is strong enough to support a heavyweight person weighing 1000 pounds and ensure no damage done on the floor surface.

What about functionality? User doesn’t have to drag the office chair with force. The smooth surface of the tempered glass allows the office chair to roll or glide effortlessly. The product is the sole glass chair mat with 1 inch Beveled Edges patented.

Is it worth your money? This product is durable that will last a lifetime without requiring a replacement. The manufacturer sells this chair mat with a limited lifetime warranty. Potential buyers have peace of mind that it will provide long years of service.

This product is eco-friendly and odorless because the material use is made from Rapidly Renewable Silica Sand.


  • Extremely durable
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Suitable for carpet and hardwood floors
  • Tempered glass appearance


  • The chair mat tempered glass appearance restricts customers to selections on other colors

3. Marvelus 48” x 60” Heavy Duty Polycarbonate Office Chair Mat

When it comes to heavy-duty polycarbonate chair mat, the brand Marvelus is very popular in the market. The polycarbonate is known for its longevity. This product will provide adequate protection on low, standard or medium pile carpet flooring. Here are some of the chair mat’s highlighted features.

The material is 100% premium polycarbonate, non-toxic and environment friendly. This polycarbonate material is suited for light, medium to heavy usage. The chair mats have a rectangular shape, suitable mostly for office desks. The chair mat has strong studded backing support underneath. The studs provide a firm grip, preventing the chair mat from moving around the carpet.

This chair mat is easy to clean and maintain. You can use a damp cloth soaked in a soapy solution to get rid of dirt or dust particles.

The chair mat is designed with smooth glide rigid surface, allows the user to move freely without feeling the strain on legs.


  • Available rectangular and lipped shape
  • Ideal for low, medium or standard carpet floors
  • Made from 100% pure polycarbonate
  • The is product is environment-friendly


  • The studs underneath the chair mat may produce grinding-sand sound

4. Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat Crystal Clear By DoubleCheck

The key factor to consider when making an important decision on which chair mat to buy is weight capacity. Since you want a chair mat for heavy person, the Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat passed these criteria. It’s the thickest chair mat you can find in the market. Let’s take a closer inspection of the product’s highlighted features.

The chair mat is durably constructed. It has approximately 1/8 thickness and floor coverage of 36 x 48 inches, guaranteed to protect the floor against cracks, scratches and permanent indentations. Weight capacity is 200 pounds.

The material used in this product is superior polycarbonate. It has a translucent appearance and has the same level of stiffness as metal. Is it durable? Yes, the chair mat will remain in good condition despite regular use. It will not break, curl or fade even for many years.

The chair mat is designed with little spikes underneath and work well on low or medium pile carpeted floors. The spikes secure the mat in place, so you don’t have to rearrange it every day. The design of this product is not for hardwood, vinyl or tile flooring.

The Heavy Duty Chair Mat by DoubleCheck comes in two shapes, the standard rectangular shape and rectangle with lip. The rectangle with lip provides extended protection under the desk.


  • Weight capacity up to 200 pounds
  • Made from superior polycarbonate
  • Best on carpet flooring with low or medium pile
  • Two shapes available, rectangle and rectangle with lip


  • Product discoloration may happen in the future

5. Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors by Star Counter

Next on the line up of chair mats for heavy persons is the Star Counter’s Office Chair Mat for carpeted floors. Unlike other chair mats, this product exhibits high endurance. The material used is heavy-duty polycarbonate, proven to withstand impacts of heavy usage.

At a glance, the chair mat appears to be transparent, with approximate 1/8 inches of thickness. It’s probably the thickest office chair mat sold in the market. When compared with other plastic chair mats, this office chair mat surface is smooth and firm.

What type of floors does it cater? This office chair mat is recommended for carpeted floorings and not for hardwood floors. The chair mat’s design features a pronged base with studs. The studs underneath the chair mat provide a secure grip on the carpeted floor and prevent slipping or sliding.

Care instruction of this chair mat is easy. You just need to use a clean cloth and soapy cleaning solution to remove unwanted dirt or stains. Non-usage of harsh cleaning products is advised to preserve the original condition of the chair mat and avoid cracking or discoloration.

This office chair mat is eco-friendly. The material can be recycled and has no traces of chemicals and harmful toxins. The polycarbonate material is non-toxic, PVC, vinyl and Phthalate free.


  • Thickest chair mat in the market
  • Eco-friendly
  • Suitable for carpeted floors
  • Heavy-duty built


  • Chair mat pronged base with studs restrict usage to carpeted floors only, you will need to buy another mat for hardwood floors

6. LLyapa Office Chair Mat for Hard Floors 2 Pack

This next brand of office chair mat would surely be a deal-breaker because it’s backed with 1-year warranty coverage and comes in 2 pack. And, if you register online, the warranty coverage extends to a lifetime warranty. That is a generous offer for customers looking for great bargains. Here’s a sneak peek of what a customer will get from purchasing this office chair mat.

The design of this chair mat is for hardwood floors such as concrete, hardwood, vinyl and laminated tiles. The office chair mat topmost surface has a textured pattern, controls the movement of the office chair and prevent it from sliding. The base part of the chair mat is relatively smooth, protecting the hardwood floor from scratch, dents or unsightly markings.

When it comes to durability, this product boasts of having PVC material, regarded to be high-dense, flexible and strong.  It’s capable of withstanding any impact such as the weight of a heavy person and rigorous movement of the office chair.

The chair mat is available in various sizes and lipped versions. It has easy-to-follow cleaning instruction. A clean cloth soaked in soapy solution is all you need to remove accidental spills, dirt or dust.


  • Made from durable PVC material
  • Compatible on most floors
  • Sold in 2 Pack
  • Varied sizes, with lipped versions


  • Bigger sizes are shipped in rolled form, could distort the original shape of the chair mat

7. AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Heavy Duty Chair Mat

Another brand that every potential buyer must not overlook is the Amazonbasics Heavy Duty Chair Mat. This product has a resemblance to a traditional chair mat. It’s a protective cover mostly for carpeted floors.

This product is available in three sizes to suit every customer’s need. The biggest size measures 47 x 59 inches whereas the medium size is around 47 x 53 inches and standard size of 35 x 47 inches.

The material composition of this chair mat is polycarbonate, durable and non-toxic. It’s very safe for a household with children.

The chair mat has a spike spread evenly throughout the base. These spikes prevent the chair mat from slipping and keeps it in a fixed position.

The product’s appearance is transparent, similar to other brands made from plastic or polycarbonate. It has a smooth and glossy finish, helps the office chair to glide effortlessly.


  • Three sizes availability
  • Made for heavy persons weighing 500 pounds
  • Ideal for hardwood and carpet floorings
  • Non-toxic polycarbonate material, safe for children


  • The spikes integrated at the bottom surface may cause friction

8. Floortex Polycarbonate XXL Office Mat

If you want an oversized office mat, the Floortex Polycarbonate XXL is the top choice. The product provides comprehensive floor protection of up to 60 inches by 60 inches. The Floortex chair mat comes in various sizes according to your preference.

This product is suitable for carpeted floors, low, medium and standard pile carpets.

Another distinct feature that will capture every buyer’s attention is the product’s Greengard certification. What does this mean? It’s a certification granted to products that are proven to be safe for the environment, non-toxic and complied with the low emission standard.

The XXL office chair mat has sturdy material, made from 100% polycarbonate. This material can cope with heavy usage and high impact.

The mat is designed with transparent appearance, allows you to show off the aesthetic appearance of your floor. It’s recommended both for home and office use.


  • Durably constructed from 100 % polycarbonate
  • Comes in extra-large size with a lipped portion
  • Greengard certified
  • Compatibility for most carpet floors (low, medium and standard)


  • Susceptible to cracks when bulk office chair placed on it

9. MUSHYN Office Chair Mat with Anti Fatigue Cushioned Foam

Prolonged sitting and standing can cause tension along with the muscles and joints. MUSHYN Office Chair Mat could be the answer to this problem. The chair mat has an anti-fatigue footrest, relieve pressure points on legs and feet while sitting. The footrest also promotes the smooth transition from sitting to standing position.

This office chair mat is compatible on most hard floors like concrete, hardwood, laminate, vinyl and tiles. Also, the office chair mat works well on low pile carpets, specifically those with at least 1/5 inches thickness.

When it comes to versatility, this brand of office chair mat recommended to individuals that have standing desks converters. Working in a sitting position, then, alternately to standing position is manageable with the chair’ mat’s anti-fatigue footrest.

Is it safe to use? The material used is compliant to safety requirement of being free from heavy metals and phthalate. This chair mat has been certified by CA Prop 65 to be safe and environment friendly.

The chair mat material made are from top quality PVC and vinyl. The product is durable and not wear off even with heavy usage. The core section of this chair mat is constructed from NBR support foam while the base is from anti-slip material made.

The chair mat is easy to clean. You can remove dirt, spill and stain using a vacuum cleaner and a clean damp cloth.


  • Best on hard floorings and low-pile carpets
  • Eco-friendly (heavy metal and phthalate-free)
  • Built with anti-fatigue footrest
  • Scratch and tear-resistant


  • Limited colors to choose

10. Anji Mountain Rug’d Chair Mat

The Anji Mountain Rug’d Chair Mat would appeal to customers that are very fond of artworks. This chair mat is truly a masterpiece. It has a jacquard design featuring intricate patterns, which would surely make any room a standout.

The chair mat has durable construction. The top layer of this chair mat is from woven polyester, while the Mid-layer is a phthalate-free PVC core. And, a base has non-skid backing material with rubberized dots.

The chair mat is suitable for most hard surfaces, including plush type carpet flooring. Office chairs can roll and glide without difficulty on the mat’s polyester rug surface. The rubberized dots integrate at the bottom ensure the chair mat stays in place.

The cleaning requirement of this chair mat is a bit meticulously. Cleaning the Anji Mountain would require special attention. For stains or spills, do a spot clean. Don’t let any stain to dry because it could leave a permanent marking. You can use vacuum for dirt or dust.


  • Jacquard design on 100% woven polyester rug
  • Suited for hard floors and plush type carpets
  • Multiple layering construction
  • Rubberized dots keep the mat in place


  • Cleaning the mat is a bit tricky

Features to Consider When Buying a Good Heavy Duty Chair Mat

Careful selection of the chair mat for a heavy person is crucial. Here’s a list of things to consider before making a final decision.


Chair mat has varying levels of thickness. Potential buyers must pay attention to each brand’s description regarding thickness level. Be sure to look into if the mat if the design of the mat is for low, medium or standard carpeted floors or hardwood. Keep in mind, some brands of chair mats are specifically designed for carpets while others may have multi-usage, both hard floors and carpets.


Yes, the size of the chair mat is also vital when shopping around. If you want to make sure you pick the right size, take measurement of the workplace. Start getting the farthest point of the area. Once you get an accurate measurement, check which among brands can provide maximum protection on the floor.


Chair mats mostly made from premium PVC or vinyl. You may also find other mats made from woven fabric such as polyester. The decision on which type of material to buy depends on the buyer’s preference. If you are looking for a chair mat that can accommodate a heavy person, then, choose a chair mat constructed from heavy-duty polycarbonate. This type of material is proven to be durable, impact-resistant and last longer. Plus, it can work with most hardwood floors and low, medium and standard pile carpets.


When it comes to safety, the chair mat should comply with rules that may apply on plastic material used such as heavy metals free, non-toxic, BPA and eco-friendly.

Benefits of using a Good Heavy Duty Chair Mat

There are countless benefits of using a chair mat, particularly for persons with heavy-weight and below are some of them.

Preserve the original appearance of the flooring

One of the biggest benefits of a chair mat, is to preserve the floor against potential damages such as scratch, dents and permanent marking.

Promote better mobility of the chair

Placing a chair mat on any floor can promote mobility, especially for a heavy person sitting on the office chair. The chair mat allows the wheels of the office chair to glide or roll effortlessly.

Health benefits

Some chair mats have ergonomic designs to match the weight of heavy persons. There are chair mats with anti-fatigue footrest, relieve muscle and joints pain associated with prolonged sitting or standing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1 – What are the other uses of chair mat?

For some individual the chair mat is best to cover a surface that requires protection against spills and stains. It can be used as an ordinary mat for your pet’s food and drink bowls. For a household with toddlers, you can place the chair mat under the high chair.

Question #2 – How to prolong the lifespan of my chair mat?

Proper cleaning is needed to extend the lifespan of your chair mat. For example, a chair mat is made from PVC, vinyl or polycarbonate, the recommended cleaning agents are the soapy solution and clean cloth. Wipe dirt, dust including spills using the clean cloth soaked in the soapy solution. For quick cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner.

Question #3 – What is the ideal size and shape of a chair mat?

Chair mats do come in varied sizes and shapes. The common shape is rectangular while other versions do have lipped portions. It’s really up to the buyer’s preference on size and shape. But, if you want maximum floor coverage that extends under the desk, then, choose a chair mat with a lipped portion.


The above brands of chair mats will educate and inform potential buyers on what to search when trying to find the best chair mat for heavy person. These brands are classified based on materials, sizes and shapes, including compatibility to floor types.

If you want assurance you will pick the best chair mat for your home or office use, be extra vigilant on materials used. The eco-friendly materials with no trace of harsh chemicals and toxins for safety purposes. And, always go for a material that has multi-purpose for all types of floorings to save money. Good luck with your purchase.

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