7 Best 2 Person Desks in 2023 Review

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Are you looking for a computer desk for two people that won’t take up plenty of your office space? You don’t have to worry because you just visited the correct site! We are aware that finding the most perfect one for you may be difficult with the several brands that are out there in the market.

For that reason, we present you an in-depth review & buying guide of the best two person desks 2021. The desks are spacious enough for you to work with a friend without competing for space.

Let’s kick off with a quick comparison of the top quality 2-person desk reviews that our experts have put together for you.

Comparison of our Top Picks

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Here are the Best Desk 2 Persons

We kick off with a detailed review of these top quality two person desks with pros and cons. Also included is a buying guide to help you have in mind some important features to look in your desk. All these will enable you make an informed decision while purchasing any of the products. Note that the desks are not arranged in order the best one in the market, all of them are of superior quality.

1. Soges HZ011-200-BK 2-Person Home Office Desk

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Need a double workstation desk that will accommodate both you and your friend during your work time? The Soges 2-person home office desk will be your ideal choice. It comes with a special design to accommodate two computers.

It also includes a 2-layer shelf in the middle to accommodate all your computer components. This could include your charger, books, and paperwork. With this, you will keep your working space neat. The reason being you will stack all your computer accessories in one place.

Made of E1 degree environmental wood the table is quite durable and you won’t in need of a replacement any time soon. The material is also scratch and friction-resistant. This is a feature that also enhances its longevity.

Also on durability are the sturdy 1.2mm metal frames. They are 1.5 times thicker compared to the regular ones that measure 0.8 mm. This feature also adds stability to the desk. Adjustable leg pads are also included. They enhance the stability of the table even when it’s standing on an uneven floor.

Moreover, this table is also quite versatile. Other than being a computer desk, you can also use it for other purposes. You can use it as a crafting desk, home office desk, exhibition table or a training table as well. Also, installation is pretty simple with the user manual that’s provided in the package.

The extra-long table surface will enable you to save up on space if you have limited space in your home or office.


  • It is multi-functional
  • Durable
  • Adjustable leg pads
  • Large storage space
  • Double x – bracing design
  • Saves up on space
  • Scratch-resistant


  • The protection board that’s included may be of a different color from your ordered computer desk.

2. Tribesigns Ergonomic Two Person Sit and Standing Desk

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This Tribesigns ergonomic two-person desk is all you need to spice up your working moments. It’s designed with plenty of space for you to share the table with a friend without compromising on space.

It also allows you to work from your preferred position with the sit and stand feature. With this, you will be able to change working positions while working on lengthy projects. The footpads included will enable you to adjust the table’s height and provide stability as well.

If you have limited space at home or in the office this computer desk will be great for you. Designed with a simple side by side retro style the desk consumes very little space. It also provides enough working space. This makes it a perfect fit for your study room, living room or the bedroom.

Made with a heavy-duty frame this 2 person desk is quite stable and durable. It has the capacity of holding heavy loads of up to 550 lbs. The panel is made of durable engineered wood that’s scratch and heat resistant, and pretty easy to clean.

The table also features an open book design for convenient storage. With this, you will be able to keep your important working accessories at reach.

Assembly is stress-free. This is with the assembly tools and user manual that comes with the package.


  • Easy assembly
  • Saves on space
  • Multi-purpose
  • Durable
  • Super steady
  • Rustic finish
  • Convenient storage


  • Some of the holes don’t line up which may give you extra work of aligning the holes.

3. DEWEL MH-JJL-0014 Two Person Space Saving Executive Office Desk

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The Dewel 2-person computer desk comes with an impressive design to give your work station a modern look. To begin with, the table comes with an engineered wood top and a thick metal base that makes it quite durable. This also makes it sturdy enough for industrial purposes.

The table also features a clean line and solid finish. It makes it a great choice for factories and modern farmhouses as well.

Featuring a large working station top this table allows you to share the table with a friend. This is without competing for space. Moreover, the rectangular long design helps save space. This makes it a great option for anyone with limited space in their office.

With this table, storage will not be a problem for you. It features two open shelves at the bottom. The shelves provide enough space for your working materials. It also comes with some extra storage space at the center for your computer accessories.

You don’t want a computer desk that will give you trouble during installation. This Dewel computer desk comes with a clear instruction manual. This gives the user quite an easy time during the installation process. An instruction video is also provided by the manufacturer.

The desk can be adjusted to 1-2 cm through the footpads that are designed along. It also offers cable management with the hole that’s drilled at the back to manage electronic wires.


  • Simple installation
  • Space effective
  • Durable
  • Spacious
  • Adjustable
  • Cable management is easy


  • Moving the table from one location to another is troublesome.

4. Bestier 2-Person L Shaped Office Desk

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This Bestier L-shaped desk for two people could be an ideal choice for both your home and office. It comes with two options, L-shaped or long desk. You can use the L-shape design while working alone. The long table one will be a great option while working side by side with a colleague.

With both options, you will be able to save on space. The L-shape option fits quite conveniently when placed in a corner in your home or the office.

Both table options also ensure that you enjoy enough working space. It also provides enough space below the table to stretch your legs. The table also features a side hole for your electronics cables. This helps to keep your working space organized.

Made of thick wood and a strong metal frame, the table will give you long-term service. Note that the wooden material that’s used to make this table is eco-friendly. It also meets the p2 grade standard. Moreover, the x-frame crossbar that’s designed along enhances the table’s stability.

The table comes with a free wooden computer monitor stand. The stand will allow you to raise your computer to a comfortable working height. This will enable you to prevent your arms and shoulders from getting exhausted. The feature is quite beneficial while working for long hours.


  • Convenient cable management
  • Stress-free installation
  • Sturdy
  • Two set up options
  • Space-saving
  • Free computer monitor stand


  • table doesn’t have underneath storage space.

5. HOMCOM L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk

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Do you have a work-focused office that you want to enhance? Look no further. This Homcom L-shaped gaming desk is all you have been looking for. With the L-shape design, the table provides enough working space. It will also be of great help in saving on space. It is a corner design computer desk that allows you to save up on your study room or office.

The desk also features an in-built tray for your keyboard this creating more space on the desktop. You can always slide it out below the desk to keep it out the way when you are not the computer.

Designed with a durable P2 grade MDF board this computer desk is quite durable. To enhance its style, the top comes with an elegant clear tempered glass.

The HOMCOM two-person corner desk also features a simple assembly. This is thanks to the instruction guide that’s provided by the manufacturer. The instructions are quite clear and easy to follow. Even for individuals without any technical knowledge, it’s pretty simple.

An elevated corner shelf is featured to provide enough storage space. A mobile tower rack is also provided to place your CPU hence maximizing on the panel space.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Elegant design
  • Slide-out keyboard
  • Elevated monitor rack
  • Consumes little space
  • Easy to assemble


  • The keyboard tray is quite feeble and not convenient for gaming.

6. Tangkula 2-Person Double Computer Desk

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Looking for a computer desk that you will be able to share with your partner side by side? This Tangkula desk for two people has got your back. It is designed with a spacious top to allow you have enough working space for two individuals. With this you don’t have to purchase two separate tables that will consume much of your space.

A spacious storage cabinet is also designed along. This is to provide you with enough space to store your CPU and working materials as well. This will help you maintain a neat working space by keeping the desk free from clutter.

The table features with enough sturdy steel construction. This makes it capable of holding up to 225 lbs without losing stability. A rust-resistant surface is also featured. It ensures that the user gets to enjoy a long-term service.

Another addition to the stability of the frame is the X-shape design. With the foot-pads feature you will be able to keep your desk stable even when it’s standing on uneven ground.

Moreover, a cable hole is also featured to ensure that you keep your electronics cables in one place.


  • Spacious storage
  • Sturdy construction
  • Multi-functional design
  • Optimal stability
  • Stylish
  • Waterproof


  • The sturdy steel frame makes it difficult to move.

7. Bush Business Furniture EOD460MR-03K Easy Office 2 Person Desk

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This two people desk is a superior type desk designed to give you a convenient working space. Firstly, it features a unique design to allow you to share the desk with a friend without sitting side by side.

The desk also comes with metal frame hardboard panels. They are scratch-resistant in turn enhancing its durability. The one-inch thick panel has the capability of holding up to 200 lbs. This is thanks to the sturdy metal legs that are featured. Adjustable levers are also designed along to enhance stability even on irregular floors.

A cable management hole is designed along to ensure that you keep your cables organized. With this, you will be able to keep your working area pretty neat.

With this cabinet, you will not only enjoy plenty of safe storage but a secure one as well. It features spacious storage cabinets that are lockable. This way you can lock up your important working materials safe.

Also important to note is that this desk meets ANSI/BIFMA standards for office safety. It is also quite multi-functional office furniture. This, in turn, makes it convenient for your study room, small office or any open areas.


  • Easy cable management
  • Easy installation
  • Secure storage space
  • Elegant design
  • Scratch-free panel
  • Modern stylish design
  • Versatile


  • You cannot assemble the computer desk without including the partitions.

Best Two People Computer Desk Buying Guide

Before purchasing a computer desk there are several things you need to have in mind. These include function, and style. You will need to determine your computer desk needs and your taste to make a perfect buy. Here below we are going to take you through some shopping basics. You will need these basics when you visit the store to get a computer desk for your gaming activities.

  • Type

There is a whole variety of 2-person computer desks that you will come across out there in the furniture stores. Most computer desks are made of wood but you will also come across those that are made of glass, aluminum, and steel.

The type of desk you will need to buy will be determined by your working environment or how you intend to use it. For instance, if you need a desk for industrial places you will need one that’s resistant to wear and tear. This is the metal type.

On the other hand, if you need one for your study room or home office a wooden or glass one will do. This is because both materials won’t be able to withstand the abuse from tough environments.

Well, if you need writing or gaming desk you will have to get a type that will create a friendly environment for you. Metal desks come with sharp edges and high heat or cold absorption. As a result, metal desks are not the best choice for writing purposes. A wooden computer desk would be most appropriate in such instances.

  • Surface Size

We are talking about 2-person desk and it goes without saying that larger is better. Getting a desk computer with a large working surface will give you plenty of working space. This is space that you can share with a friend. This will ensure that you work without having to contest for space or intrude on one another’s privacy.

However, don’t look out for large size and forget to factor in your office size. The reason being you don’t want to take up your entire office or study room space by a single computer desk. Ensure that the desk leaves you with enough space to move around your office safely. This is without knocking yourself on the edges.

Small tables that are 40 inches wide are suitable for small offices or the children’s study room. Between 40” and 60” wide desks can fit in standard sized offices leaving the room with a spacious feel.

Large desks with a tabletop of beyond 60 inches are nice choices for the large working spaces. They also tend to come with plenty of storage for files and other working accessories.

  • Shape

There are several computer desk shapes, rectangular, L-shaped, corner, U-shaped or oval. The most common ones are the ones we have discussed in this article. They include the L-Shape and the rectangular. The kind of shape you will go for while purchasing 2-person gaming desk majorly lies in your room design.

Rectangular designs fit in almost all room designs. Most standard computer desks come with a rectangular shape.

The L- shape would be quite preferable if you are looking for plenty of table space and you also want to save on space. An L-shape design table will fit at a corner in your office or living room without consuming much space. The oval-shaped design will take up quite some space. But, it’s a great option to give your office a modern classic look.

The U-shape design is also not good in saving up on space but it offers plenty of file storage. It will be a perfect choice for you to meet a professional look in your spacious office.

  • Storage

Keeping your working space organized plays a key role in making you productive. Most computer desks are designed with shelves or cabinets. This is to keep your files and other working materials off your working space. It’s recommended that you find one with plenty of space but it all depends on how much you have to store.

For instance, if you are looking for a writing desk you won’t need quite a lot of storage. On the other hand, you might need to consider a large storage space for an executive desk.

Also on storage, your storage needs will vary depending on whether you are using a desktop or a laptop. If you are using a desktop you are going to need some storage space for the CPU.

  • Height

Finding a computer desk with a convenient height for you allows you to work for long hours. One of the simplest ways to determining the most suitable desk height for you is by dividing your height by 2.5. A good computer desk will give you enough legroom. It will also keep your computer at a convenient height.

For most individuals, 28 to 30 inches is an ideal height. Taller individuals should consider going for 31 inches and above. Also, note that there are adjustable desks out there in the market. These are the kind that you can adjust to your desired length. Moreover, if you prefer working while standing you won’t miss a piece that suits you best.

  • Cable Management

You don’t want to have your electronics cables clattering all over your working panel. With this don’t forget to check out whether your desired computer desk has a cable hole. A cable hole will ensure that you keep your power cables organized at all times.

Also on the organization, you could consider looking for a slide-out keyboard tray. With that, you can always keep it out of the way when you are using the computer.

  • Weight

Weight might not be a burning issue if you will not need to move your computer desk regularly. Well, if you think that there could be some kind of mobility with your desk don’t forget to check on weight.

Steel made frames tend to be heavy; however, most two-person computer desks don’t exceed 200 pounds.


Your working sessions can always get better. But that’s when you have a motivating working space. The two-person desk reviews above have all you need to enhance your computer space.

The reviewed desks are superior quality and you can be assured that buying any of them will give you value for your money. However, don’t forget to take good care of your computer desk as it will help in prolonging its life span.

Moreover, having a friend together with you as you work will bring all the motivation you need for your work. All you need to do is identify the best two person desks for you and begin achieving greater things with your computer!

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