7 Best Executive Desks of 2022

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Although competency is a crucial factor that clients look for when engaging in a business partnership, the business outlook is equally important. That is why, as an entrepreneur, you have to ensure that you create the best first impression and what better way to do it than with a beautiful executive desk.

There are many of them in the market, ranging from different sizes, designs, and prices. It doesn’t matter if your focus is on the affordable or most expensive executive desk; this is the article for you.

It features seven of the best executive desks in stores. Without wasting any precious minutes, let us get started with this quick overview.

Best Executive Desk Quick Comparison

1. Sauder Palladia Executive Desk

What are some of the qualities you seek to enjoy in an executive desk? Is it large drawers and excellent cord management? Then look no further as the Sauder Palladia will work correctly for you.

Measuring 65.1 by 29.5 by 29.6 inches, there is no doubt that this desk has a large top that will allow you to place your monitor and other office essentials comfortably. If you are the type that has a lot of documents to store, this desk will work great because it has a total of six large drawers.

The drawers comprise metal runners and safety stops, which ensure that they don’t over open and slide out. You will love how perfect the lower drawers are in terms of file holding. Pencils and biros are things that cannot miss as long as one is using an executive desk.

Fortunately, this elegant executive desk has drawers explicitly designed for pens, so you will not worry about misplacing your writing materials. The drawers have t-lock systems to ensure that everything is safe and easy to access.

What’s even more fascinating is that this spacious cherry executive desk has two grommets, which means excellent cord management if you are using monitors that are not wireless. The only shortcoming pointed out by most buyers is that the assembling, although simple, takes a lot of time. Therefore, you won’t have a lot of patience during the installation process.


  • Large drawers
  • Excellent cord management
  • High-quality materials
  • Spacious desktop
  • Classic Cherry finish


  • Assembling process takes a lot of time

2. Sauder Estates Black Edge Water Desk

If you are that one person who has less patience but still loves the furniture by Sauder, you need to purchase the Edge Water Desk. Firstly, you will not struggle with the assembling process as this should take you one hour or less.

Secondly, the executive desk has a large top that allows the placement of your monitors and other office essentials you’ll frequently need. You can even place your coffee mug as the top is large enough to allow room for this necessity. Your keyboard and monitor will find a beautiful resting place on this desk as it features a safe slide-out keyboard tray.

Bordering the keyboard tray are three large drawers with one large one on the left and the other two on the right. The two drawers on the right are perfect for document storage, with the lower one being suitable for holding letter-size holding size.

The drawer on the left side has become partitioned with an adjustable shelf that allows you to store your CPU below and other little materials like pencils above. No need to worry about the items you store on these drawers as they all comprise metal runners and safety stops, which ensure the safety of your documents.

As a result of the high-premium wood construction of this desk, it’s users become assured of long terms service as well as a high level of sturdiness. The only headache concerns its color. In as much as this desk has a classic finish, it has a rather dark tone, which is a turn off for people who like bright desks. Nonetheless, you can take care of this problem by adding a bit of colorful interior on the desk or consider other options below.


  • Large tabletop
  • Spacious drawers
  • CPU storage area
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Slightly dark for some individuals

3. 2L Lifestyle Fairbank L-Shaped Executive Desk

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an executive desk for office or home office space. 2L Lifestyle Fairbank is here to save the day. Wonder why? Well, this desk, as the name suggests, bears the L-Shape design. As a result, it will fit in any tight spot in your home or office.

Moreover, it’s smooth classic white finish blends well with almost all home areas and office environments. Moving forward, the functionality of this executive desk for small spaces is everything you desire.

This is because of its three closed drawers and five open shelves, two of which are long enough for book storage. The other three open shelves comprise adjustable shelve boards, which you can remove to store your CPU. Since the material that has become used in this executive desk is wood, you get to enjoy utmost sturdiness and durability.

Unlike some other desks out there, this table is easy to put together thanks to the simple to understand instructions. Therefore, you will not struggle with its assembling even if you are doing it all by yourself. You want to become cautious about this desk, especially with children around.

The reason is that the manufacturer has advised that children are at risk of becoming injured should they play large working surface of this desk. Therefore, you can deal with this management problem by keeping the desk in a location that the children will not reach. Additionally, the furniture lacks a keyboard tray. However, you can easily store your keyboard on the large tabletop or one of the long open shelves.


  • Enough storage spaces
  • Large desktop
  • Sturdy
  • Simple assembling process
  • Stylish white design


  • Not perfect in a children-dominated area
  • Lacks keyboard shelf

4. Beautiful Monarch Specialties Executive Home Office Desk

Do you want to make a lasting impression with your executive desk? What are you waiting for? Grab your piece of Monarch specialties executive desk. Before anything else, this desk features a smooth white sleek design that screams modernity and class.

Its legs feature a shiny silver coating and a u-shaped design for extra stability. Onto functionality, you will become fascinated by the two large drawers which will come in handy during office document storage.

Complementing the two large drawers of this beautiful executive desk is the filing drawer that’s not only spacious but perfect for hanging legal documents or European files. The space between the enormous floating top and the drawers is enough to tell you that you will not struggle with cord management.

Although this beautiful executive desk does not come with a keyboard tray, you will appreciate the large top which can feature your keyboard, your monitors, and other materials you may regularly use in your office. A major problem that most buyers have noted deals with assembling. The desk does not come installed. It is up to the user to follow the instruction and get the desk ready for use. However, the installation process of this desk takes a long time.

You can easily solve this problem by being patient or asking help from a friend, as this is likely to reduce the amount of time you will spend doing the assembling alone. Necessary to denote is that this desk does not come in white alone but two other colors just in case you are not a fan of white.


  • Modern and Stylish
  • Simple to clean
  • Very sturdy
  • Versatility
  • Large working area
  • Enough storage drawers


  • The assembling process is long
  • Does not have a keyboard tray

5. OneSpace Executive Desk with Hutch

Have you been looking for an executive desk with a hutch that will function well around your home office? Guess what? OneSpace Executive desk is the solution. As the name suggests, this executive desk comprises a hutch. The beauty of this desk’s hutch is not in the wood grain melamine but the hidden cord system, which makes wire management easy.

It’s within this hutch that you get to find a dual plug charger and an inbuilt USB, which will conveniently work for your charging needs. The hutch also features a small flat top where you can place interior décor and a mug.

Underneath this flat top is three small open shelves where you can store some of your office materials. Besides the feature-rich hutch, this OneSpace executive desk has three large safety drawers. While you can store light materials on the two drawers, the third drawers positioned under one of the small drawers will work extremely well for your filing materials and heavy documents.

Constructed using wood, this executive desk is not only sturdy but highly durable. It will also fit in tight spots because of its compact nature. There are no complaints about its assembling process, which means the furniture is simple to put together. In spite of all this goodness, the desk suffers some minor demerits.

Notably, this best executive desk does not have a large working surface. As a result, it is perfect for persons who plan on using one monitor or a laptop. Secondly, this is not the type of executive desk that is suitable for office use but for home office use. This is due to its compact nature, which is limiting for an office environment. Therefore, to solve this issue, ensure you only buy this desk for home office use.


  • Enough drawers
  • Additional storage shelves
  • Stylish and modern
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Simple to install


  • Not perfect for office use
  • Small tabletop

6. Realspace Bradstreet Executive U-Shaped Office Desk

Enough of the L-shaped and other compact desks reviewed in this article. Are you in search of a huge executive desk? Consider yourself lucky because there’s a huge executive desk you’ll see in this section besides the Realspace Bradstreet Executive U-shaped Desk.

Of course, it’s hugeness already serves as an advantage because it helps in accommodation of more than three monitors and can even become used by more than one person simultaneously. Another advantage that comes with the use of this executive desk is storage.

The furniture features three large drawers with lock design for safekeeping of your office documents and supplies. Even though you can place your keyboard and mouse at the top of the large surface area of this desk, you would want to take advantage of the keyboard tray situated in one corner of the desks.

An interesting fact about this desk is that it comprises a power source perfect for telephone, electrical, and eternal access. Although U-shaped, you can easily detach a section of the furniture to make it stand on its own and remain with an L-shaped executive office desk. One thing you probably don’t know is that this table combines well with its specific hutch.

The only worry is that it does not come with the hutch. Thus, you will need to pay a few more dollars to get the hutch. You will probably think that this desk is complex to put together. Surprisingly, it’s instructions are clear, making the assembling process easy and fast even when doing it alone. You want to ensure that the place you intend to place this desk has large floor space as the desk is not excellent for compact spaces.


  • Large tabletop
  • Pullout keyboard area
  • Excellent wire management
  • Enough storage space


  • Does not come with a hutch
  • Will not fit well in small spaces

7. L-shaped Little Tree Executive Desk

Whether you are looking for a desk that will serve your home office needs or beautify your office space, Little Tree is what you need. First and foremost, this desk does not consume a lot of space. Therefore, if you have limited space, the desk will work exceptionally fine due to its L-Shape design.

Secondly, storage is a factor that the manufacturers focused on while constructing this L-shaped executive desk. This is because the tables come along with a mobile storage cabinet. The cabinet features closed shelves suitable for keeping A4 sized documents.

It also has two open tiers for storing easy to access office supplies. It is this cabinet that joins to the table to form the L-Shape design. However, you can always place the cabinet where you render convenience. The desk features an enormous tabletop that allows you to put two or three monitors and continue with your office writing business.

 Do not worry about the stability of the tabletop and the entire desk because the top is strong enough to hold a maximum of 300lbs. As for the entire furniture, it has become constructed using E1 Environmental particle board supported with a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame that’s sturdy, durable, and easy to clean.

Completing the heavy materials of this executive desk for home office is the adjustable foot mat that you can set to your liking and the removable rollers. Most of the users have not reported any complaints with assembling, which means it is rather simple. However, cable management and the lack of a keyboard tray seems to be a problem for some users.

Luckily, you can solve the keyboard tray issue by placing your keyboard on the large working surface. As for the cable management problem, there are two ways within which you can solve the problem. One is by using electronics that require less wire use to keep the place as tidy as possible. Secondly is using the open steel spaces as wire management passage.


  • Large working surface
  • Mobile storage cabinet
  • Simple to clean
  • Simple to install
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Lacks keyboard tray
  • Poor cable management


Out of the best executive desks in store today, the ones reviewed above single out as the incredible ones due to their various attributes like functionality and affordability. However, it is impossible to decide the most incredible of them all due to differences in need preference.

That is why you have to carefully think through your needs as you read through the executive desk reviews before deciding the one to buy. Nonetheless, this article already makes the work easier by sampling the top-rated executive desk in the market. It is now upon you to see which among the ten desks will suit your office needs or better yet your home office desires.

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