15 Best Door Hinges of 2022 Review

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Planning to newly set up or simply upgrading the hinges on your existing door?

Looking for the best door hinges that suits your place, home style and budget without compromising your home safety?

Then, you’ve landed in the right place.

When choosing the right door hinges, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from. While this might seem a little challenging, fortunately, it isn’t if you go through our in-depth door hinges review 2021.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks

# Preview Product Rating
1 (Pack of 50) Tempo Satin Nickel 3.5' x 3.5' Door Hinges with 5/8' Radius Corners Brushed Nickel (Pack of 50) Tempo Satin Nickel 3.5" x 3.5" Door Hinges with 5/8" Radius Corners Brushed Nickel 1,098 Reviews
2 (Pack of 40) Hager 3 1/2 Inch Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Hinges with 5/8' Radius Corners (Pack of 40) Hager 3 1/2 Inch Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Hinges with 5/8" Radius Corners 1,352 Reviews
3 (Pack of 50) Hager 3 1/2 Inch Satin Nickel Door Hinges with 5/8' Radius Corners (Pack of 50) Hager 3 1/2 Inch Satin Nickel Door Hinges with 5/8" Radius Corners 726 Reviews
4 (Pack of 40) 3 1/2 Inch Matte Black Door Hinges with 5/8' Radius Corners (Pack of 40) 3 1/2 Inch Matte Black Door Hinges with 5/8" Radius Corners 150 Reviews
5 (Pack of 30) Kesler 3 1/2 Inch Satin Nickel Door Hinges (5/8' Radius Corners) (Pack of 30) Kesler 3 1/2 Inch Satin Nickel Door Hinges (5/8" Radius Corners) 1,769 Reviews
6 Ilyapa 18 Pack Brushed Nickel Door Hinges for Doors, 3.5 x 3.5 Inch Interior Satin Nickel Door Hinges Door Hardware, for Doors 3 1/2 Inches, with 5/8 Inch Radius Corners Ilyapa 18 Pack Brushed Nickel Door Hinges for Doors, 3.5 x 3.5 Inch Interior Satin Nickel Door... 1,769 Reviews
7 PORTER-CABLE Door Hinge Template (59370) PORTER-CABLE Door Hinge Template (59370) 2,740 Reviews
8 Amazon Basics Rounded 5/8 Radius interior, 3.5' x 3.5' Door Hinges, 18 Pack, Matte Black Amazon Basics Rounded 5/8 Radius interior, 3.5" x 3.5" Door Hinges, 18 Pack, Matte Black 15,254 Reviews
9 Embassy Door Hinge Solid Brass - 4 x 4 Inch, Heavy Duty, Polished Brass, Ball Bearings, Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Pin, Architectural Designer Grade, Home Improvement, 2 Pack Embassy Door Hinge Solid Brass - 4 x 4 Inch, Heavy Duty, Polished Brass, Ball Bearings, Rust... 6 Reviews
10 Berlin Modisch 4' x 4' Mortise Spring Hinge with 5/8' Radius Corners, Self Closing, Satin Nickel Finish - Pack of 4 Hinges Item Includes Rubber Wedge Door Stopper Berlin Modisch 4" x 4" Mortise Spring Hinge with 5/8" Radius Corners, Self Closing, Satin Nickel... 1,216 Reviews
11 Dynasty Hardware 3-1/2' Door Hinges 5/8' Radius Corner, Oil Rubbed Bronze, 24 - Pack Dynasty Hardware 3-1/2" Door Hinges 5/8" Radius Corner, Oil Rubbed Bronze, 24 - Pack 370 Reviews
12 Ultra Hardware 6' Heavy Duty Brass Double Action Spring Hinges for Door (Set of 2) Ultra Hardware 6" Heavy Duty Brass Double Action Spring Hinges for Door (Set of 2) 152 Reviews
13 Pack of 1 Residential Door Hinge - 3.5 Inch - Black Finish - 5/8' Radius Corner - by Dependable Direct Pack of 1 Residential Door Hinge - 3.5 Inch - Black Finish - 5/8" Radius Corner - by Dependable... 3 Reviews
14 Hinge Outlet Satin Nickel Wood Screws 9 X 2 1/4 Inch for Residential Door Hinges - 96 Pack Hinge Outlet Satin Nickel Wood Screws 9 X 2 1/4 Inch for Residential Door Hinges - 96 Pack 49 Reviews

Best Door Hinge Reviews of 2022

1. Brushed Nickel Door Hinges – By Tempo – 3.5’’x3.5’’ (Radius 5/8-corners , Pack 50)

If you are looking for a strong and flexible hinge that can withstand a test of time, brush nickel door hinges from Tempo is worth considering.

The smooth operation of this stuff is what makes it a perfect complement for both residential and commercial doors.

Tempo Satin Nickel features a round corner design at the edge to make it fit perfectly into your door. It measures 3.5’’x3.5’’ so you can find this hinge providing the greatest support to light doors.

When purchasing this product, the packaging includes 50 hinges in total. This is helpful, especially when dealing with all types of doors at a time. Most importantly, the installation process is very simple and easy that even a kid can do.

The package comes with matching screws to reduce strains that you may encounter during the installation process. This reduces the risk of injury.

The construction of this hinge is another reason you should go for it. It’s made up of high-end quality material to boost durability.

If you are scouting for a lifetime investment, Tempo Nickel hinge is a total thumbs up.


  • Provides Smooth operation
  • The nickel finish can give your door great appearance
  • Perfect for light doors
  • It’s brushed to increase its lifespan


  • Not suitable for bulky doors
  • It allows door open to a limited angle

2. Hager 3 ½ inch Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Hinge with 5/8 Radius Corners (pack 40)

Looking for the best hinge that can fit your 5/8 radius door? Hager is the best choice. This product features a classic design that can look perfect with your home décor.

This oil rubbed bronze door is flexible to offer smooth operation when opening and closing the door.

The installation process is simple since it comes with a mounting screw. Hager, on the hand, comes with removable pins.

It’s constructed with high-quality material (steel) to increase durability. It is also strong and very sturdy to support your door.


  • Perfect hinge with smooth operation
  • Easy to install
  • Best suitable for medium-light doors
  • Comes with removable pins
  • Offers elegant finish


  • Not suitable for heavier doors

3. Hager 3 ½ inch Satin Nickel Door Hinges with 5/8 Radius Corners (pack 50)

This Hager 3 1/2 inch satin nickel door hinges is affordable stuff to replace with your worn-out hinges. The quality of this material is pleasing with an excellent modern finish. High-quality materials usually last long.

This door hinge, created with precise measurements to ensure perfect performance. It also features an attractive design that will make your doors appear high-quality. The nickel finish offers a distinguished addition that’s unmatched.

These round-cornered hinge doors are strong and durable. These hinges also are reversible. It is possible to use it on any door.

Comes with all necessary mounting screws to make installation easy


  • Universal
  • Made of steel for maximum durability
  • Excellent finish
  • Best suitable for residential doors
  • Comes with removable pins


  • not for interior home décor

4. 3 ½ Inch Matte Black Door Hinges with 5/8 Radius Corner s(pack 40)-Hager

If you love black color, go for this elegant Hager matter black door hinge. The product comes with a black matte finish with extreme top coating for extra durability.

This is a full mortise door hinge that is suitable for any standard door that you are using at home or office. Hager matte black hinge weighs only 15.9 pounds and it measures 3 ½ inches.

Hager’s designed with high-quality materials to make it impressive and while giving your door steady support for a while.

The design features a 5/8 radius corner to make it suitable for all your home doors. Hager, a reputable company in the US manufactured these door hinges.

Hager fetches a good price in the market. Whatsoever, this product is a standard hinge door that can deliver an excellent performance. This, like many other products that exceed its price point.

Installation is something you should not worry about. The product comes with the matching screw so that you can fix it into your door without the sweat.

Its dimensions 3-1/2 Inches by 3-1/2 Inches, are standard to make a perfect fitting for your hardware setting.


  • Smooth and effective operation
  • Easy to install since it comes with matching screws
  • Durable


  • Unsuitable for heavier doors

5. Full Mortise Door Hinge – Kesler 3 ½ Inch Satin Nickel   (Pack 30)

A good hinge door should not be noisy, and, give you a perfect performance. Before you can decide on changing it, it is wise to ensure your current hinge is going to make a perfect match.

Is your home constructed of a regular standard door? Well, Kesler Mortise Door Hinge is waving at you.

Kesler, found in 1872 in Wisconsin. Over the past couple of years, it has built an unmatched reputation in providing quality home décor products. Up to date, these products have been in use to help designers create a functional living area.

Kesler is a high quality bearing hinge that is suitable for your home décor accessories. The product’s elegant design can take your room to the next level. It has a good demand on the market and its rating is great too.

The construction of this hinge delivers a perfect durable life-long service. It’s made up of 100% steel so you can use it even for your residential doors.

The design features a 5/8 round corner hinge with 6 holes. It measures 3 ½ by 3 ½ making it suitable for all your standard doors in your house.

Furthermore, these door hinges come with installation screws. But, they don’t come with removable pins.

What else, no corrosion can win this hinge. it has a great screw length that is good enough for holding your door frame tight. There is no need for extra screws.

Moreover, the product comes with a one-year warranty for any manufacturer defect.

Kesler is an excellent hinge to worth your money!


  • Quality hinge for investment
  • Comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Provides sturdy door support


  • Do not come with removable pins

6. Interior Door Hinges – By Ilyapa

Replace your old hinge with this perfect Ilyapa door hinge.

Round corner hinge doors have become popular today and for sure they guarantee an excellent performance.

There are plenty of reasons why you should keep your eye on this product as all of them combine to make Ilyapa a real champ.

Firstly, the design features awesome finishing-something impressive to many people. Its elegance is mostly obtained from satin nickel which gives it a sleek appearance to outer parts of the hinge. This material is of high grade to deliver a glossy finish so that your door will look unique.

It’s not all about elegance, the finish also resists corrosion. Apart from elegance, Ilyapa also offers different collections of finishes. It considers sizes and shapes so that you can select the best style for your home.

Constructed with steel, the hinge is strong and durable. Expect Ilyapa to last for years without any damage or breakage.

Also, this hinge is individually wrapped to protect its internal from direct contacts. So you can be sure of its lifespan.

The construction also features high-quality materials that can resist to scratches. The hinge will, therefore, shine up like a new penny all the days-for years.

There are no issues with smoothness. The hinge is very sturdy and efficiency when opening and closing your door.

The installation for Ilyapa hinges is quite simple. It is easy since it comes with a free mounting screw. You can install your door within minutes.

 Rest assured, you are going to buy a good hinge with a long-lasting future.


  • Easy and quick installation
  • Offers different collection to choose the best for your home
  • Durable
  • Offers a gloss finish
  • Confers nice appearance


  • Relatively expensive
  • Not ideal for simple doors
  • A little bit heavier

7. Porte Cable Door Hinge Template (59370)

This is an excellent door hinge template especially for those who want to hang doors with ¼ collet router. This is a unique adjustable template kit/hinge. That allows you to route mortise into different door length and thickness. There is no need for mount screws. Thanks to this integrated door hinge template for offering a quick and simple hanging solution. You can just tack it with the included brads and just hang it. No other door hinge provides this type of solution. The door hinge is easy to install. First, you need to mark the location of the hinge. Then Like a pro, you will make a perfect cut. Then voila! To adjust, you simply press double-headed nails like into the hole as you rout out your mortise.

The template is available in different sizes and shapes. So you can choose the best one for your door. The sizes range from 2 &1/2 inch to 6 inches best suitable to door sizes ranging from 1&3/8 inch to 2&1/2 inch. The set up for these hinges is easy and quick to finish. To add extra security, they come with lock-in pins. Porte Cable door hinge is a perfect door hanging answer for you.


  • It is a perfect solution for hanging a door
  • Easy to use and set
  • Saves time


  • Not perfect for heavier

8. AmazonBasics 3.5 inch Rounded Door Hinges Satin Nickel (18 pack)

AmazonBasics hinge’s made up of durable materials for long-lasting services. It is hand-finished to ensure a great look for all your hardware sets.

Although it is small in size, AmazonBasics is an excellent choice if you are seeking to construct safe and easy to operate doors.

These hinges are user-friendly, secure and work smoothly to infuse an attractive style for your house.

When these hinges get attached to the door frame, they can allow you to open and close your door effortlessly.

It doesn’t matter how often you are opening and closing your door. AmazonBasics is a good and reliable steel door hinge. It is ready to offer you a long performance without letting you visit the market anytime soon.

AmazonBasics door hinge features a great design that can match perfectly with any door theme.

Our humble self-closing hinge’s rounded at its edges to give your door a nice finishing look. Also, the hinge comes in a variety of finishes including brushed nickel, rubbed bronze or matte black.

AmazonBasics comes with a pack of 18 self-closing hinges. Installation is a straight-kid simple. It comes with an easy to read, simple and detailed installation manual.

AmazonBasics is a perfect complement amongst all hardware sets.


  • Constructed with steel to boast durability and long-lasting performance
  • It’s backed up with a one-year manufacturer warranty


  • Cannot work perfectly for heavier doors

9. Ferrari 170 Degree Kitchen Door Hinge

No products found.

Ferrari 170 degree hinge is the best-regarded kitchen door hinge affordable at a reasonable price tag. It is even amazon’s best selection. Does the product offer a smooth operation that is suitable for heavy-duty doors? – Yes!

For one, it is very strong. And for the second, it has relative power that can promise extra durability.

This hinge is a perfect solution for cabinet doors. It’s constructed with high-quality cabinet plates to enhance overall smooth operation.

gm9579fe25f ferrari 170 degree kitchen door hinge is a super-premium hinge that can offer you peace of mind every time you are opening and closing your door.

This ferrari cabinet hinge’s designed to allow you with an opening degree up to 170. Seriously, this much rotation is good enough for even the heaviest person to leave and enter. For this reason, the hinge can be suitable for public door installations too.

Ferrari 170’s exterior is purely covered so you can be sure of the quality. The full overlay plays a vital role in protecting its metallic surface from scratches. This improves its lifespan.

Also, the overlay is important since it prevents the metallic surface against corrosion.


  • Perfect components for heavier doors
  • Works excellently with other home décor accessories
  • Constructed by a reputable company
  • Smooth performance


  • Can take some time to restore in case of breakages
  • When hit or banged, it might wear out

10. 4×4 Heavy Duty Extruded Solid Brass Polished with ball Bearing

Your door gives the first impression every time your friends visit you. Therefore, you should make them look as great as you can.

This door hinge measures 4 by 4 inches, with polished brass to offer your home a nice finish that will keep you praised all the time.

You don’t need to break your bank to purchase a perfect hinge that lets you operate smoothly. Door Hinge’s heavy-duty can give you a lifetime performance for many years to come.

You will love the quality of these hinges. The material used in the construction of this hinges is super-premium for long-lasting service. The polished brass doors hinge resist to corrosion.

The hinges have ball bearings to improve the stability of the door thus allowing smooth operation.


  • Suitable for heavier doors
  • Assembled with ball bearing for improved performance
  • Polished to improve its quality


  • Relatively expensive

11. Berlin Modisch 4 x 4 Mortise Spring Hinge

If you are looking for hinges that can fit your thick doors, you are in the right place. Berlin Modisch 4 x 4 Mortise Spring Hinge has everything you need to make your door real functional.

The installation process is simple and quick. Just screw four knuckles to enable sturdy stability during the process.

This product comes with adjustable spring tensions to make the installation process simple. It also comes with a stropper.

Most importantly, this product’s certified, therefore you can use the product with full confidence. This is especially true when you are looking for a hinge for automatic closing doors.


  • Suitable to fit thick doors
  • It is adjustable for proper function
  • Fully assembled
  • Constructed with quality materials to boost durability
  • Can attach with many home décor accessories


  • Heavy for thinner doors
  • Tightening is something you can do now and then
  • Requires enough manpower when handling

12. Dynasty Hardware 3-1/2″ Door Hinges Oil Rubbed Bronze with 5/8 radius corner

These hinges, machined with a 5/8 radius to work perfectly for your door. Made with quality materials that will last long.

The appearance of these hinges is going to offer your door a nice finish. These hinges are oil rubbed with bronze to minimize friction.

They are made of bronze/brass to prevent rusting and for a smooth performance.

The hinges come with mounting screws to make the installation process simple. Removable screws are also included.

When looking for an affordable door hinge, Dynasty hardware is worth a try.


  • Simple to install
  • Smooth operation
  • Quality materials
  • Excellent appearance


  • Not fit for heavier doors

13. Ultra Hardware 6 inch Heavy Duty Brass Spring Hinge

Tired of pushing or pulling your door when opening? Your door hinges might have worn out. These double action spring doors will make your work easier for you.

These spring doors, crafted with high professionalism to withstand everyday operations. They offer heavy-duty construction perfect for commercial use.

These hinges come with mounting screws so you can install them within minutes. Adjustment screws are also included. These hinges are simple to line since you all need to line them up, mark, and install. You are good to go.

Ultra hardware is available for you-a builder who is looking cabinet upgrade. They are ultra-designed to offer a beautiful appearance to your home decors. Plus you can push this door both ways.


  • Perfect for commercial use
  • Simple to install
  • Heavy construction
  • Smooth operation
  • Adjustable hinges


  • Not perfect for standard doors

14. Black Residential Door Hinge – 3.5 inches with 5/8 radius corner

Many of us, may feel overwhelmed keeping on visiting the market now and then. It is a waste of time and money. If you are tired of it, try Black residential door hinge and Yay… your problems solved.

Durability is something that you cannot compromise with Black Residential. In fact, it is one of the notable things that stand out among many other countable features.

The exterior surface of this hinge’s covered to improve its quality. This also helps to reduce scratches and other things like wear and tear.

Only high-quality materials can make a hinge superior. The materials used in the construction of this hinge are long-lasting. This means that they can hardly get affected, no matter how many times you open and close your door. Therefore, Black Residential’s worth considering a long-term service.

Of interesting, this hinge is highly reversible. This feature is awesome especially if you are kind of person who moves your door in and out.

Purchase this hinge today and experience its smooth operation.


  • Offers excellent contemporary finish
  • Can work perfectly for both home and residential doors
  • Smooth operation and excellent performance


  • It is difficult to find this product’s spare parts
  • Relatively expensive
  • Requires little experience when installing it

15. Hinge Outlet Satin Nickel Wood Screws for Residential Door Hinges

Satin Nickel Screws are the best in market screws for you! It’s made up of high-quality steel with an elegant nickel finish. This screw is not any ordinary screw, Hager made it. As per its brand reputation, every product of them is unique. These screws are much larger than your normal screws. Satin Nickel can easily penetrate your doors and keep it stable. The door hinge requires screws of good quality. These Nickel screws are perfect for those purposes. It can easily penetrate and hung on forever. Satin Nickel Screws has a dimension of 9 x 2 ¼ inches. Perfect for any door hinge. Plus, it adds a pleasing appearance to any door.


  • Perfect when you want longer penetrating screws into your wall
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Offers pleasing appearance for your door


  • A bit expensive
  • Buyers Guide

Here are a few things you should consider before buying.

Durability-A good door hinge should give long-lasting service. The quality of materials used when constructing defines the durability of the door. A door made of steel’s expected to have a longer lifespan.

Ease of use– A perfect door hinge should guarantee smooth operation and not the one that is kind of hanging after a week of installment.

Elegant-Looks aren’t everyone’s biggest priority but it will definitely increase a perk if you look for something that looks great.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hinges do you need for a fire door?

Three. Normally, a door that can serve security purposes expected to have more than three hinges. Doing so will protect you against intruders who might want to enter your house.

How many hinges do you need?

Seriously, there is no telling the exact amount of hinges you may require. However, you need to put a hinge after every thirty inches of your door height. This will improve the door’s stability when closing and opening it.

What is the best hinge for internal home décor?

One thing you should know about internal hinges is that they need to fit with ball bearings to enhance smooth operation. A well-fitted hinge’s expected to last. (Source)

Are there right and left door hinges?

Yes, there are right and left door hinges. Therefore you should be keen on the hinge you are looking for when you are out for shopping. To avoid issues, it is advisable to search for a universal hinge. These hinges can best work fine for all door settings.

Final Thought

A good door hinge will impact directly on the quality of your life. A door hinge that’s constructed wrongly will be all night nightmare. So choosing the best door hinge is a major factor. Thankfully, we have described our top 15 Best rated products in our door hinge reviews to buy when you are out for shopping.

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