Best Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter in 2022

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No kitchen can function adequately without access to pure, clean water. We all need clean water for drinking, and we also need the same for cooking and baking. One way to bring clean water into your home is by picking out the best countertop reverse osmosis water filter.

Currently, there are different ways to supply filtered water to your home. You can opt to purchase a water dispenser that requires hauling of heavy bottled water every time you run out. Or, you can have instant access to clean water with a countertop reverse osmosis filtration system that only needs timely access to tap water supply.

You will find a long list of options when it comes to RO filters. To help you out, we tried and tested several systems to narrow down your options. Check out these countertop reverse osmosis water filter reviews to find the best pick for your kitchen.

Our Top Picks Compared

Best Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Reviews

Having access to clean drinking water anytime is reasonably straightforward once you finish reading this article. Here we have compiled essential details about the top-rated countertop reverse osmosis water filters for your convenience:

1. SimPure Y5 Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

SimPure specializes in the manufacture of air and water purification products and accessories. They commit to provide healthy household ecosystems by creating solutions for clean and healthy water and air.

One of their best water filtration systems is the SimPure Y5 Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System.

Relevant Features:

  • 4-stage filtration process
  • 4-mode instant hot water dispenser
  • Easy plug-in setup
  • Portable design
  • Quick filter twist-in replacement
  • Filter replacement alerts
  • 5:1 clean water to wastewater ratio
  • Tested against NSF standards

4-stage Filtration with 4-mode Preset Temperature

The SimPure Y5 can provide you with four stages of filtration.

Stage 1 uses a polypropylene membrane that separates sediments, dust, dirt, rust, sand, and other particles from the water.

The Stage 2 filter is a pre-carbon block that removes chlorine, chemicals, taste, color, and odor.

The third filter is a 0.0001-micron reverse osmosis membrane that expels 99.99% of impurities, microorganisms, TDS, and PFAs.

The final and fourth stage uses another activated carbon filter to remove any residual taste and odors and improve your water taste.

The SimPure Y5 can give you instant hot water with four temperature settings. Choose between room temperature, warm baby formula, hot tea, and hot coffee water before pressing the middle of the dial to dispense a cup. Simply push the center of the dial again to stop dispensing.

Convenient, No-Spill Portability

You can position your SimPure Y5 RO Water Filtration System anywhere there is a power outlet. It comes with a removable 1.3-gallon intake tap water tank that you can simply refill at the closest tap in your home.

After attaching the filled feed water tank, the system automatically purifies water as long as it has a connection to a power source. The purified water gets stored in a 0.4-gallon internal storage tank, so you can access instant purified water anytime.

The front panel of the SimPure Y5 has an attached spill tray – you won’t have to worry about spills after hastily grabbing that glass of water whenever you’re thirsty.


  • Compact and portable – bring and use anywhere
  • Provides instant hot water
  • Four temperature settings
  • No installation required
  • 30-day hassle-free return
  • 1-year warranty
  • Bottom spill tray included


  • No removable clean water tank or pitcher

2. AquaTru Countertop Water Filtration System

AquaTru is the sole product of a company having the same name. It is another countertop reverse osmosis water filtration system. The other products of AquaTru are parts and accessories of the only model.

Relevant Features:

  • Patented 4-stage filtration
  • No installation or plumbing
  • Long-lasting filters
  • Removable tap water and clean water tanks
  • Digital alerts display
  • Easy-dispensing one-touch button
  • Certified to remove dangerous contaminants
  • 15x better than pitcher filters

Patented Filtration

AquaTru uses a patented filtration system called the Ultra Reverse Osmosis technology, which is certified to remove 83 contaminants. These contaminants include chromium 6, carcinogens, herbicides and pesticides, fuel additives, industrial solvents, fracking chemicals, radium, rocket fuel, and many more.

Like the SimPure Y5, AquaTru also uses four filtration stages. The first two stages are combined in the first filter cartridge to remove sediments, cloudiness, and 99% of chlorine and chloramines. Reverse osmosis takes action in the third stage to remove toxic and inorganic contaminants. Step 4 uses an activated carbon filter made from processing coconut shells for further purification.

Flexibility with Both Tanks

With the AquaTru RO system, you can purchase additional tap water and clean water tanks separately. You may have the option to fill one clean water tank and store it in the fridge for cold, refreshing drinks while the AquaTru system is filling up another clean water tank.

The clean water tank has a side handle, making it a free-standing pitcher. Position its handle a few centimeters by the edge of a shelf in the fridge. This way, you can fill up a glass with cold water without moving the clean water tank because the dispense button is right at the bottom of its handle.

Both tanks are easily removable, and therefore easily washable. You don’t have to carry the whole system during cleaning and washing.


  • Detachable drinking water pitcher
  • Detachable tap water tank
  • Power adapter usable for 100-240V
  • A single product and the company’s focus on innovation
  • Best tasting water
  • You can buy additional tap water and clean water tanks separately


  • No bottom spill tray

3. RKIN AlcaPure Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

RKIN has been in the market since 1989. They have kept a tradition of bringing reliable and state-of-the-art air and water filtration systems to North American homes.

To overcome the installation barrier for residential reverse osmosis water filtration systems, they have created the AlcaPure Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter.

Relevant Features:

  • Zero installation
  • Four stages of filtration
  • Produces 40 gallons of clean water per day
  • High capacity, twist-change filters
  • Removable reload tank and pure water tank
  • Intuitive single-button switch with LED indicator
  • Portable aesthetics
  • Looks great for both home and office
  • CE certified quiet performing pump

Quiet 4-Stage Filtration

The AlcaPure Countertop RO System uses a very quiet, CE-certified booster pump to operate seamlessly without any unwanted noise.

RKIN uses a 4-stage filtration for the AlcaPure RO System similar to that of the SimPure Y5. The only difference is you have two options for the fourth stage: an extra layer of filtration (OnliPure) or an added layer for taste enhancement (AlcaPure).

OnliPure is a specialty ion exchange media that reduce leftover contaminants to zero TDS after the reverse osmosis process. On the other hand, AlcaPure is a polishing alkaline post-filter that returns Calcium and Magnesium to purified water. These are both beneficial minerals, and they significantly improve the taste of your water. The choice between these two filters is yours to make.

Easy to Position, Clean, and Maintain

Both the intake tap water and pure water tanks are removable from the front of the device, which means you can position the system anywhere, even without clearances above and on its sides. It also means you can bring the tanks to the kitchen sink for easy cleaning and washing.

You can fill the intake water tank even when the clean water tank is full. Whenever you want to refill the clean water tank, just press the button, and you will have the clean water tank full again in under 15 minutes.

The filters on this device last very long and are very easy to change because of the twist-off and twist-on replacement. The single button used to operate the device has an LED light indicator that tells you when the filters have to be replaced.


  • Water loading and dispensing is in front – no top, rear, or side clearances required
  • BPA-free water containers
  • CE and RoHS certified power adapter compatible to 110V and 220V
  • Comes with optional anti-scale filter for hard water
  • Two options for Stage 4 filtration
  • Purchase and get a FREE TDS meter


  • No bottom spill tray
  • Tap water refill tank is at the bottom, by the clean water tank outlet – you can’t collect clean water and refill simultaneously

4. KFLOW ROPOT Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Established in 1997, KFLOW focuses on the design, development, and manufacturing of water purification equipment. KFLOW has over 20 years of experience and quality in the research and development of premium products that bring clean water to your families.

The company has created the KFLOW ROPOT Countertop Water Filter System, which uses several filtration stages and requires no installation.

Relevant Features:

  • Precise 4-stage multi-filtration
  • Portable design not limited by water source
  • Calibrated water pitcher
  • Filter replacement reminder
  • 3-second easy filter replacement
  • Patented input water tank prevents secondary pollution
  • CE standard certification
  • 99.9% removal of unwanted particles

Premium Water through 4-Stage Filtration Technology

The KFLOW ROPOT filtration system reduces TDS count, removes taste, limescale, odor, and turbidity. It removes carcinogens, which include but are not limited to chlorides, nitrosamines, trihalomethane, chromium, ferric oxides, and cadmium compounds.

You will also be happy to know that the KFLOW RO system removes up to 99.9% of heavy metals, harmful microorganisms, and inorganic pollutants from tap water.

Efficient Zero Installation Technology with Elegant Design

The KFLOW ROPOT requires no installation. Fill up the feed tank and conceal it inside the system’s elegant housing. Plug the device in anywhere there is a power source, and you’ll be having clean water in no time.

The four filters within the system are easily replaceable. You can change each cartridge in a few seconds without the use of any tools.

To know when to replace the filters, the KFLOW ROPOT has an integrated replacement reminder. It has a filter indicator that tells you the remaining time you can continue using the filters or when you have to replace them immediately.


  • Quick operation guide at the front panel
  • Place KFLOW anywhere with a power outlet
  • Can be used in the kitchen, living room, office, or bedroom
  • Combo filter and dispenser
  • Fast water flow rate at 470mL/min


  • Bulkiest model in this list

5. APEC Water Systems Portable RO-CTOP Filter System

Advanced Purification Engineering Corporation (APEC) has more than 20 years of innovation experience, creating the finest water filtration systems for homes.

They have a long list of products that focus on having better water quality. From reverse osmosis systems to multipurpose UV disinfection systems, they have it all.

One of their countertop reverse osmosis systems is the Portable RO-CTOP Drinking Water System.

Relevant Features:

  • Top tier ultra-pure drinking water system
  • Produces water superior to bottled water
  • Produces 90 gallons per day
  • A complete 4-stage filter system
  • Fully automated for any water type and variable pressures
  • Minimal installation
  • Tank-free
  • Easily portable and weighs only 7lbs.

Fast and Continuous Clean Water

The Portable RO-CTOP is a simple but efficient countertop RO system because it can provide fast and continuous clean water. It can produce 90 gallons of clean water per day while still using a complete 4-stage filtration process.

Tank-free with Ultimate Portability

If you have a handyman in you, try out the Portable RO-CTOP Drinking Water System. It requires some plumbing, but it is just like attaching a screw if you have the right kind of standard kitchen tap.

The system does not have a water tank, so you connect it directly to a water source. Easy as 1-2-3, connect its inlet hose to a faucet and collect clean water from its outlet hose with just a flick of its inlet valve.

Because it weighs only seven pounds, you can use this system anywhere – at home in your kitchen sink or outdoors by your RV water supply tank.

Zero Secondary Pollution

Since the RO-CTOP does not come with an intake tank and a clean water pitcher, it removes secondary pollution risk. The absence of any water storage tank for tap water and purified water prevents bacterial accumulation and scaling. It means you only filter out water that you need to consume immediately, and you won’t leave it exposed to contamination.


  • No electricity required
  • Designed and assembled in the USA
  • Lifetime customer and technical support
  • Hassle-free installation with any standard faucet
  • Smallest, most compact model in this list


  • Some water taps may not be compatible with an inlet adapter
  • Requires connection to a water tap
  • No storage tanks included

6. Waterdrop M5 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System

Waterdrop is a company that desires to deliver healthy drinking water to every family. To do this, they create high-quality products that genuinely purify water. With over 200 water purification system designs and over 100 patents in several countries, Waterdrop has been a forerunner for clean water.

For a countertop clean water solution, Waterdrop has created the M5 RO Drinking Water Filtration System.

Relevant Features:

  • All-in-one filter with 5-stage filtration
  • No pump design
  • No tap water input tank
  • 29-87 psi feed water pressure
  • Filter life up to 550 gallons of water
  • 3-second filter replacement
  • 80 ounces portable pitcher

Compact 5-stage Filter with No Pump

The Waterdrop M5 reverse osmosis water filtration system’s space-saving design is attributed to its single, 5-stage filter. This device does not use any pump and therefore does not require any electricity.

The 5-stage filter on this device boasts a filtration accuracy of 0.0001 micrometers, which allows it to efficiently remove 99.99% of harmful particles, contaminants, TDS, and PFAs.

Avoid Secondary Pollution

The Waterdrop M5 does not have an intake tank, making it so compact it does not occupy so much space. This feature makes it perfect for placement beside a kitchen sink where a water source and a drain line is very accessible.

In addition to this, Waterdrop designed the M5 to be a no-tank system because a built-in storage tank promotes the buildup of secondary pollution.

Minimal Installation and Easy Single Filter Replacement

For the household handyman, the Waterdrop M5 RO Water Filter is a great buy. Attach its feed water adapter and hose to any water supply pipe, like any tee connection, and attach its drain tubing to your kitchen sink drain pipe with the included drain saddle attachment.

You can easily replace the M5 filter by lifting the cover plate and twisting the filter cartridge inside.

Bring Your Pitcher Anywhere

Although the whole M5 RO system must be placed near a water supply outlet and drain pipe, you can detach your large-capacity pitcher and bring it anywhere. Carry 80 ounces of water around the house or chill your clean water in the fridge.


  • Does not require electricity
  • Movable 180-degree design permits reallocation of space
  • Store portable pitcher in the fridge
  • BPA free materials
  • Lack of built-in supply tank saves more space
  • Clean water pitcher has calibrations


  • Requires connection to a water supply line
  • Overflow pipe recommends connection to a drainage pipe

Why Do We Recommend Reverse Osmosis?

Water moves from rivers, lakes, and groundwater into treatment plants before ending up in every home. While traveling, water passes through miles and miles of pipelines where it can accumulate a lot of harmful microorganisms and unwanted particles. That is why it is not safe to drink tap water.

Unwanted particles in water include harmful microorganisms, rust, dirt, sand, minerals, polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs), and total dissolved solids (TDS).

Reverse osmosis (RO) filters out these unwanted particles in water to make it safer for drinking. It is a process embedded into filtration systems or devices to separate impurities from tap water.

How Does a Countertop RO Water Filter Work?

A countertop reverse osmosis filter fixture or appliance should sit on top of a kitchen counter with access to a tap water supply. Some devices require electricity to function, while others need to be connected directly to a water supply line.

Check the product specifications of a countertop RO purifier before purchasing to determine whether it is a good match for you.

You need to supply tap water and have it pass through a series of filters within a countertop RO water system. Each filter is unique, and some can be a combination of different types of filters to maximize filtration capabilities.

These filters segregate the unwanted particles in water so that you can have clean, safe, and ready-to-drink water coming out of the filter system.

Why Choose a Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter?

The first reason you should opt for a countertop RO water filter is that you will have instant access to purified drinking water every day.

Secondly, some countertop RO filtration devices offer hot water like the SimPure Y5. With tools like this, you will have a compact water dispenser that not only produces hot or cold water but also gives you clean, filtered water, unlike most bottle-less water dispensers.

For the third reason, you will be having minimal impact on the environment. With countertop RO filters, you take away the repetitive habit of buying bottled water cases. A reverse osmosis water filter gives you the eco-friendly option to say goodbye to single-use plastics!

The fourth reason has something to do with under-sink RO systems. With countertop devices, installation can be unnecessary, and cleaning and maintenance are effortless – you won’t have to bend over or crawl under your kitchen sink to do some plumbing work or replace those filter cartridges like you would with the under-sink versions.


Choosing the best countertop reverse osmosis water filter should be a breeze with the list that we have compiled for you. Each has its merits – all you have to do is pick out the one that you like.

For our personal choice, we recommend the AquaTru Countertop Water Filtration System. Conveniently refill the tap water tank anytime, even when the clean water tank is full. Get an extra clean water tank and put the full one in the fridge for chilled water.

For on-the-go applications, choose the APEC Water Systems Portable Countertop Reverse Osmosis Filter System. You can easily install it on an RV during a camping trip, as its portable design lets you bring it anywhere you go.

No matter which countertop RO device you select, be assured that you’ll be having instant safe drinking water right at the comfort of your own home.