Top 7 Best Cast Iron Farmhouse Sinks in 2022

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Would you love to add more elegance and glamor to your kitchen? The cast iron farmhouse sink would be an ideal option for you. Besides giving your modern kitchen an attractive appearance, a farm house sink also comes with quite a long term service.

If it is the first time you are shopping for a cast iron farmhouse sink, you may be spoilt for choice with the several farmhouse sinks models you will come across in the home appliances market. To save you the trouble, we have compiled a list of the best-cast iron farmhouse sinks you can purchase confidently with an assurance of superior efficiency and up-to-date design as well.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Best Cast Iron Farmhouse Sinks in 2022 Review

The top farmhouse sinks listed below will be a great addition to your kitchen appliances if you look forward to make your kitchen elegant and modernized. Read on to ensure that you make an informed purchase when you step out there to purchase one.

1. KOHLER K-6486-0 Whitehaven Farmhouse Self-Trimming Undermount Single-Bowl Kitchen Sink

At the top of the list is the KOHLER K-6486-0 Whitehaven Farmhouse Self-Trimming Undermount Single-Bowl Kitchen Sink that does nothing but makes a statement in your kitchen. It is designed with a glossy enamel finish that blends perfectly with your kitchen equipment. In addition to the elegance, the enamel cast iron surface of the sink is stain resistant, making it quite easy to clean.

You don’t want a sink that will consume all your workspace in the kitchen. This KOHLER K-64860 sink comes with the offset drain feature that saves on working space beneath and increases the sink’s workspace.

Also, installation is quite easy with the self-trimming apron that overlaps the cabinet face. It is compatible with 36 inches sinks. Moreover, with the 9-inch depth, you will have plenty of space to clean up your utensils. Whether you need to clean your big pots or platters, you won’t have any trouble with space.

Furthermore, the enamel support of this farmhouse kitchen sink is pretty thick, and it can withstand high temperatures of up to 1000 degrees F. This way, you don’t have to worry about leaving your hottest roasters or pots to soak in the sink.

To improve the user’s experience, the sink basin is designed to slope 2 degrees toward the drain to minimize water pooling. Moreover, with the short 6-11/16-inch apron featured, you can use the sink on both new and existing cabinets.


  • Easy installation
  • Heat resistant
  • It is resistant
  • Durable and efficient
  • Beautiful and classy


  • The model is a little bit expensive.

2. KOHLER Whitehaven Farmhouse Sink

The KOHLER Whitehaven Farmhouse Sink is another top performance farmhouse sink that will make your kitchen moments better. It’s a beautiful piece of appliance for your kitchen and also quite long-lasting.

Furthermore, the enamel finish that’s featured is acid-resistant, making it able to handle whatever you may throw its way. Besides, the sink is also quite resistant to food stains, making it pretty easy to clean without the need for harsh chemicals. You will need to clean it with a smooth sponge and rinse it to achieve a sparkling appearance.

Another interesting feature about this sink is that it won’t give you trouble when installing. It features a self-trimming apron that overlaps the cabinet face for hassle-free installation. It will also work for your kitchen sink needs, whether you have existing cabinetry or a new one.

Are you in need of a kitchen sink that won’t take much of your working space? This Kohler Whitehaven kitchen sink is the way to go. With the offset drain design feature, it leaves you with plenty of working space once it’s installed.

The sink comes with the industry-standard apron front base cabinetry sized 36 inches to fit into your cabinetry comfortably. Besides, to minimize water pooling, the sink basin slopes 2 degrees toward the drain.


  • Acid-resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Minimizes water pooling
  • Quite easy to install
  • Long-lasting service


  • The sink scratches easily.

3. American Standard 77SB30220A.308 farmhouse sink

If you love beautiful design appliances in your home or your home style is a modern farmhouse, the American Standard 77SB30220A.308 farmhouse sink will be ideal for you. Other than a beautiful design, this American standard sink comes with outstanding longevity.

The sink also comes with a unique easy installation with the four oversized under-mount holes that are included. You can easily install it under the countertop that makes cleaning up after meal preparation quite easy.

One more thing you will love about this sink is that its manufacturer also has environment conservation in mind besides quality. It is made entirely from recycled, all-natural materials to enhance environmental care and safety. Also important to note is that the sink is lead-free.

The sink also features a non-porous enamel surface resistant to food stains and pretty easy to clean. You will not need strong abrasives to keep it shiny all day long. Also, designed from durable cast iron, this sink highly retains heat, making dishwashing and soaking quite convenient.

With the 8-5/8″ deep bowl, you will have plenty of space to comfortably perform all your kitchen tasks.


  • Simple installation
  • Environment friendly
  • Durable
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to clean


  • The sink is only available in white.

4. KOHLER Smart Divide Self-Trimming Undermount Apron Front Double-Bowl Kitchen sink

Have you been looking for a double basin sink to complete the elegant look of your modern farmhouse design kitchen? You need to look no further. This KOHLER Whitehaven double bowl kitchen sink is all you need. It comes with a smart divide feature that helps you save up on space while also enjoying a double bowl sink’s privileges. When it comes to complementing your kitchen décor, this sink doesn’t disappoint. It features a streamlined and adaptable design to match whichever type of décor you have in your kitchen.

Furthermore, installing this unit is hassle-free, and it will be in place within no time. The reason being it features a self-trimming apron that overlaps the cabinet face for effortless installation. Also, the sink fits into a minimum of a 36-inch apron sink base cabinet.

You definitely want some generous working space as you prepare your family’s favorite meal. Well, this KOHLER double bowl sink features a 9-inch depth to give you plenty of space to perform your kitchen activities comfortably, including washing your large pots and pans. Another addition to your kitchen workspace is the offset drain feature.

Nobody wants to experience water pooling in their home. To prevent water pooling in the kitchen, the sink’s basin is designed to slope towards the drain. Besides, the enamel cast iron finish on the sink is super resistant to cracks, burning, and chipping.


  • Beautiful design
  • Easy installation
  • Prevents water pooling
  • Generous working space
  • Effortless installation


  • It requires some bit of maintenance to retain its white color.

5. Watermark Antique Inspired 36″ High Back Farm Sink

Antique sinks have been in the market for the longest time, with one of their superior models being the Watermark Antique Inspired 36″ High Back Farm Sink, known for durability and elegance. It is a standard wall mount faucet, and it comes with 8-inch predrilled installation holes at the center. Besides elegance, the wall mount design makes this farm sink quite convenient for anyone with limited space.

Talk of durability, this faucet is quite indestructible with the cast iron construction, and it will last you a lifetime. The construction design makes it scratch and heat resistant, allowing you to comfortably perform your kitchen tasks without worrying about scratching the sink. Also, the porcelain enamel finish of the sink is quite an addition to its longevity.

Designed with a 36 inches width, the sink can be easily installed in existing or new kitchen cabinets. Furthermore, it comes with a large depth to ensure you have all the space you need to wash your large utensils without much fuss.

Moreover, you can confidently purchase this sink as the manufacturer brings you a warranty of 12 months parts and 12 months of labor.


  • Long term service
  • Beautiful style
  • Saves on space
  • Convenient installation
  • Predrilled faucet walls


  • Some users experience a bit of challenge when it comes to installation.

6. KOHLER K-6488-0 Whitehaven self-trimming Apron Front Single Basin Sink with Short Apron, White

Are you looking for a kitchen sink that can handle whatever that’s thrown its way? The KOHLER K 6488-0 is the way to go. Made with enamel cast iron, the sink is quite resistant to scratching, chipping, and heat as well. It also can withstand heat up to 1000 degree F; hence you don’t have to worry about soaking your hot pots or pans in it. The faucet is also resistant to food stains, making it quite easy to clean with a spongy material without the need for harsh detergents.

Another exciting feature about this sink is that it is designed with a shortened apron to install new and existing cabinetry with a 36-ich width. Also, the self-trimming design that’s featured allows for a quick and easy installation by overlapping the cabinet’s face. Note that there will not be any time wasted on precision cuts with self-trimming, which makes the installation process pretty quick and easy.

The sink comes with a single nine inch-depth sink basin that’s large enough to accommodate the large pots and pans during washing and soaking. Besides, the sloped bottom facilitates easy draining and clean up as well.

You don’t want to make a purchase when you are not assured of value in return. This KOHLER white haven faucet comes with a lifetime limited warranty as long as the original purchaser owns the house.

Are you enthusiastic about environment conservation? It’s time you add this incredible faucet to your farmhouse kitchen investment plan. The reason being the sink is manufactured from 80% recycled and reclaimed materials.


  • Heat and stain resistant
  • Designed for longevity
  • Customer-friendly warranty
  • Easy setup
  • Large working space
  • Elegant design


  • Some users prefer a longer apron.

7. Signature Hardware 935144 Almeria 33″ Farmhouse Single Basin Cast Iron Kitchen Sink

Are you in search of a farmhouse sink that will bring everlasting beauty to your home? Then this Signature hardware 9351444 could be the real deal for you. It is constructed from cast iron, which is super durable, and a porcelain enamel finish that is outstandingly elegant.

The porcelain enamel finish is also incredibly resistant to food stains, burns from hot pots, and scratches. This makes it quite easy to clean and maintain an attractive appearance in your modern kitchen.

To maximize on your kitchen’s workspace, the sink comes with a single basin design that has a big play in saving up on space. Besides, the sink is large enough to accommodate the largest pots and pans in your kitchen when it’s time to cleaning up.

Also, Signature offers its customers a limited lifetime warranty once they purchase this product. With this, you don’t have to worry about any malfunction that may result from the manufacturer’s end. Furthermore, customer support is always available 24/7 to handle your complaints promptly.

The sink also comes with quite an accommodating design with four predrilled holes at the back rim of the sink that accommodate a wide range of kitchen faucets.


  • Maximum workspace
  • Easy to clean
  • Food stain and scratch-resistant
  • Optimal
  • Optimal durability
  • Stylish design


  • The sink requires unique cabinets with an exposed front design.

What to look for in a Cast-iron Farmhouse Sink

The moment you decide to give your kitchen an elegant farmhouse appearance, there are several factors you will need to have in mind. These will ensure that you walk home with a cast iron farmhouse sink that can adequately cater for all your kitchen tasks. These factors include;

  • One sink or Two

Farmhouse sinks come in both single and double sink designs. Your kitchen needs or space will determine the one you choose. The single basin sink design is pretty common as it saves up much on space. On the other hand, the double design is also quite convenient for individuals doing their dishes by hand.

  • Sink Depth

Another factor you will need to have in mind is the depth of the sink you get to choose. Do you have some large pots and pans in your kitchen? You will then need to ensure that you get a large enough sink to accommodate them when you need to wash or soak the dishes.

  • Sink Type

Cast iron farmhouse sinks come in different types; under-mount, apron-fit, and drop-in models. Drop-in models are quite easy to install, but they also require extra caulk to seal the gaps between the countertop and the sink. Under-mount sinks tend to be more difficult to install with high installation costs as well. The apron-fit cast iron sinks require unique sink base cabinets.

Advantages of Cast Iron Farm Sink

Several materials are used in constructing farm sinks, but why cast iron farm sink?

  • Durability

Cast iron stands out when it comes to durability. It is outstandingly strong, and it will last you for the longest time before needing to get a replacement.

  • Easy Maintenance

Cast iron sinks come with an enamel finish that’s resistant to stains, which in turn makes it quite easy to clean and maintain a glossy look all day long.

  • Retains Heat 

With the superior ability to retain heat, cast iron farm sinks are pretty convenient for soaking and washing many kitchen utensils.


The appearance of your kitchen is a simple reflection of you. If you would love to give your home a modern, stylish look, it deserves, it’s time you grab yourself a cast iron farmhouse sink. It will bring an exquisite appearance in your kitchen and give you service for the longest time.